Hopefully this works. 1. I do not use maratalk. 2. If it is not in trades or in my shop, I am not selling. Do not look at Gallery and ask if I am selling. Gallery is just for viewing not selling. Use common sense. Hello everyone, I'm Cindio,32, married, 3 kids,and we all like Marapets. Well almost all, Hubby created an account for me a referral but he don't get on much just sometimes.We have 4 computers, Had to buy that many for another game we play so we all can use one except the littliest(well when a keyboard or mouse isn't broke we all get one).

I have pride in what I own.I like to earn what I got.I like helping people but I don't like being taken advantage of. I expect respect if you want respect from me.

Just thought I would add whom my family is.
LovlyKannamay- 14 year old Daughter
Keiththalion- 8 year old Son
RobotJames- 6 Year old Son.
Adidas101- 14 year old Daughters friend.
Squalls- 18 year old Daughters Friend

Thank you for reading,
Player for 11 years, 8 months & 4 daysJoined 1st Apr 2008 12:13
Player for 11 years, 8 months & 4 daysJoined 1st Apr 2008 12:13
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