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Each game of Colours will be either against one, two or three players. Players will be dealt random cards and take it in turns to place cards down. The winner is the first player to have no remaining cards. On a player's turn, they must play a card that matches the number, colour or symbol of the card on the table, play a wild card (if they have one) or pick up a new card, which they can play if it's possible. There are also several action cards in the game, forcing players to pick up extra cards, miss their next move or change the directon of play. It's important to remember that when you only have one card remaining, you must press the 1 Button on the table or you'll have to pick up two more cards!

Win a game of Colours for MP2,500MP and a random colour Transformation for one of your pets. Your pet will change to a random colour and/or species and then change back, possibly earning a new transformation for its collection. If you have the Pet Stats Giftbox in your collection, you can also select which pet will receive this transformation before you play! Lose a game for MP250MP.

You can play Colours for FREE once every 16 hours.


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