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KA No they kept the room in the incoming reservations until the guest arrives but it's 1:30 am now and I tried calling with no answer and the card has a hold which usually is a security thing.
littleheart50 they let the person have the room?
KA Man this annoys me so much. When the card didn't go through at 6pm they should have requested the guest to put new one on or cancelled and sold room.

Help & Assistance
How many items in a treasure chest?
by cookie1678 at 16th Nov 2018 23:20
New Players
by HanSolo at 16th Nov 2018 15:08
Marapets Chat
What do you collect on mara?
by cookie1678 at 16th Nov 2018 23:31
General Chat
Day of the Dead
by HollowHearted at 16th Nov 2018 23:38
Random Chat
"You want a rat for Christmas?!..."
by Mexico at 16th Nov 2018 23:36
Restricted Chat
Is marapets pay to win? Does it even matter?
by Mags at 16th Nov 2018 23:35
Price Check
Selling gallery items
by Prada at 16th Nov 2018 23:34
Notice Board
Club Weeaboo wants Weeayou! ("Recruiting")
by jadion at 16th Nov 2018 06:54
Audalania (A Fantasy RP)
by at 30th Jun 2018 08:23
Bohemian Rhapsody
by FreddieMercury at 15th Nov 2018 06:17
Programming & Graphics
Is this where we can talk about drawing/art?
by Hyde at 16th Nov 2018 23:15
Dress Up
🍁 Rate The Doll Above 🍁
by Pathfinder at 16th Nov 2018 22:23
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

PRIZE // Favourite Memory
by at 25th Oct 2014 09:06

Recent Editorial

Selection When we search for something in shop search, can there be a count of how many of that item is in that user's shop?

Sure, this has now been added to Shop Search. It cannot however be added to 'Quick Search' or Price Checker.
15 Oct 16:58

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