Welcome to the Marapets Games Arcade! As a new player, you can earn MP playing our fun Flash Games for your first 30 days. After 30 days you will start earning Score Points that can be spent in the Games Redemption Shop. You have 30 days remaining to earn MP from flash games - make the most of it! There are 46 Flash Games you can play for MP and MP. You can only send score a maximum of 3 times a day per flash game. The higher you score in a game, the more MP you will receive, up to a maximum of 1,500MP. Return to

City of Marada

Most Popular Games
GamesPlay Games   1
Murfin Chase
3,260,207 total plays

GamesPlay Games   2
Undead Billiards
3,211,019 total plays

GamesPlay Games   3
Shoot the Fatty
2,837,760 total plays

GamesPlay Games   4
Rofling Gold
2,693,325 total plays

GamesPlay Games   5
2,602,776 total plays

GamesPlay Games   6
Dukka Trove
1,919,910 total plays

GamesPlay Games   7
Addow Ride
1,871,578 total plays

GamesPlay Games   8
1,565,427 total plays

GamesPlay Games   9
Marapet Keeper
1,522,109 total plays

GamesPlay Games   10
Spider Solitare
1,487,992 total plays

GamesPlay Games   11
Fruit Harvest
1,463,524 total plays

GamesPlay Games   12
Gumball Machine Madness
1,324,485 total plays

Game of the Day
Win a Free Bonus Item everytime you play

Play Game  Hexxagon
Fill more spaces on the board with Xois than Yakubis in order to win. Don't let the Yakubis fill it!
Game of the Week
Earn Double MP everytime you play. Changes Sunday

Play Game  Memory Pets
A very addictive puzzle game. Find and match the two similar marapets.

Quest of the Day
Earn 25% more MP

Play Game  Haunted House
Complete Elger's quests to win MP and crystals to train your pets at the Gym.
Mission of the Week
Earn 50% more MP completing levels. Changes Sunday

Play Game  Troll
Complete the rotten Troll missions for a limited edition Oglue pet.

If you add the Arcade Giftbox to your collection, you will earn double score points with every flash game, free game and points to play game that you play. Spend your score points in the games shop and be rewarded by the Arcade Fairy.

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect

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