Every Thursday there is a different Crossword for you to complete. You will receive MP15,000MP for successfully completing a crossword game, and if you are lucky, you may also win a bonus prize. You only have one attempt at entering this crossword so please check you have entered your answers correctly.

You can complete the Crossword for FREE once per week. Here is the Prize List.

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    67  8       
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  1. A costume that glints

  2. You can buy raw fish in this shop

  3. A gift from the Nutty tree

  4. A job for your pet

  5. Is it a dragon?

  6. The deer from the Grotto

  7. A firey battle opponent

  8. Your pets go here if they are bad

  9. The species of ghost that runs the Undying Tombola

  1. The Restaurant sells this

  2. An Undying Minipet

  3. A place to sell items

  4. Send your Minipets on vacation here

  5. You can invest in these to make MP

  6. A computer part

  7. Visit this Calendar for a Christmas gift

  8. You can display your favourite items here

  9. A halloween food

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