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Kamilah Desert
One day, while Kamilah Traveller was searching for the lost Kamilah Pyramid, he stumbled accross a shiny golden lamp. He was thousands of miles from civilisation and had run out of supplies. He was so thirsty he shook the lamp up and down hoping for some water and to his suprise the magical Genie appeared to grant him three wishes.

His first wish was for food and water, his second wish was for a restricted Hump pet to help him in his travels and his third wish was to find the Kamilah Pyramid. The Genie granted all 3 wishes and he was so happy that he left Genie's Lamp in the town of the Kamilah Desert for all Maradans to use.  Level 63 or higher players will be granted 4 wishes instead of 3.

You can visit once a day and she will grant your pet a FREE wish. Here is the Prize List.

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