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Pet DailiesPet Dailies

Double Training

Scout Costume
Pets wearing this costume will receive double stats this week. Vote for next week!

Free Training

Cheese Sybri
All Cheese Sybri receive FREE Gym & Elite Gym training today. Changes daily!

Free School Lessons

Tiger Mordo
All Tiger Mordo receive receive FREE School lessons today. Changes daily!

Double Education

Fire Costume
Pets wearing this costume will receive double stats this week. Vote for next week!

These are all of the Pet Dailies with a countdown for when can use them again
You can tick and untick which ones you would like to receive reminders or notifications for

Play Game  Clock Tower
The clock tower keeps the time for Marada.. certain times have strange outcomes..
Play Game  Eleka Fountain
Throw 50RP into the magical Eleka Fountain and your pet may receive a magic stat.
Play Game  Elite Gym
Train your pet for jobs and the olympics at the elite eym. Pay with diamonds.
Play Game  Fasoro Falls
Take your minipet for a ride on the magical Fasoro Falls and it may change colour.
Play Game  Ferris Wheel
Take your minipet for a ride and you'll receive a collectable plate with it's photo on.
Play Game  Foxfire Pond
Complete the Foxfire Pond Treasure Map and you can visit Favolos for rewards.
Play Game  Freelance Agency
Earn MP completing freelance work with your pet - if they meet the job requirements!
Play Game  Genie
Visit the Genie once a day for free and you could have your wish granted.
Play Game  Guillotine
Visit the Decapitating Fairy for free once every 16 hours for a prize or lose your pet's head.
Play Game  Gym
Train your pets at the gym for great battle arena and olympic success.
Play Game  Ice Caves
Complete the Christmas Treasure Map for lifetime access to the Ice Caves.
Play Game  Job Centre
Get your pet a job and earn promotions for more MP wages each day.
Play Game  Murfin Madness
Take your pets for a ride on the rollercoaster and you may even win a prize!
Play Game  Olympics
Train your pets and enter them into the Olympic to win medals and Olympic Points.
Play Game  Operations Portal
Operate on your pet once a day for free - it may change colour, species or stats!
Play Game  Photo Parlour
Pay 1,500MP at the Photo Parlour to take a photo of one of your pets.
Play Game  Pixie Dice
Only 1,000MP for Pembe to throw her magical dice. Can you win pet stats or MP?
Play Game  Poison Pit
Complete the Poison Pit Map to gain access, dip items and see what happens...
Play Game  Resort
Take your minipet for a vacation at this luxury resort and receive a souvenir plate.
Play Game  School
Educate your pets at the School to help them get the highest paying jobs.
Play Game  Sewer Pipes
Complete the Sewer Pipes Treasure Map and your pet can ride the sewer pipes.
Play Game  Simerian Statue
Visit the Simerian Statue for only 100MP and you may be rewarded.
Play Game  University
Use scholarships to educate your pet at the university for a higher paying job.
Play Game  Vortex Park Reservoir
Complete the Vortex Park Reservoir Treasure Map to visit and take a dip here.
Play Game  Webcam
The webcam allows you to take a photo of your pet every 12 hours for 2,500MP.
Play Game  Whirlpool
Complete the Whirlpool Treasure Map and swim in the whirlpool for free.

Game of the Day

Win a Free Bonus Item everytime you play

Play Game  21 Blitz
Can you make the rows and columns total 21? A quick moving card game.
Game of the Week

Earn Double MP everytime you play. Changes Sunday

Play Game  Biala Tetris
A classic tetris game with a chilly twist.

Quest of the Day

Earn 25% more MP

Play Game  Travis Truck
Bring Travis the food he needs to feed his large family and he will reward you.
Mission of the Week

Earn 50% more MP completing levels. Changes Sunday

Play Game  Pirate Mafia
Receive a limited edition Pucu pet for completing all thirty Pirate Mafia missions.

Full House
in 4 seconds
582,560MP Prize

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