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The Decapitating Fairy is the most evil and psychotic of all of the Maradan fairies. She loves to spread fear and risking the lives of your pets. A few centuries ago, her job was to execute pets that had broken the laws of King Baspinar. Since the City of Marada, pets who break the law just go to prison and she is out of a job. Select a pet to strap in and see if you have the courage to trust her. Your pet can gain Charisma from risking injury. If the Decapitating Fairy is happy, she may also reward you.

Remember, if she is in a really bad way, your pet could lose its head... and turn into a Headless Pet!

 Level 67 or higher players have their pets protected from injury and will win a Headless Costume item instead.

You can use her Guillotine once every 16 hours for FREE. Here is the Prize List.


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