Play Game  Account Upgrades
Support Marapets by buying rare items, limited pets and other benefits and rewards.
Play Game  ATM
Withdraw your MP from the ATM when the bank is closed. 50MP withdrawal fee applies.
Play Game  Auctions
Bid on items that other players have put up for auction to grab a bargain.
Play Game  Bank
Safely store your MP in this bank account and earn daily interest.

Collect Marapoints 0MP interest now
Play Game  Battle Arena
Fight trading card opponents in the battle arena that you have collected to earn BP.
Play Game  BP Bank
Deposit and save your BP at this bank and earn daily interest.

Collect 0BP interest now
Play Game  Currency Exchange
Safely exchange your currency of MP, BP and RP with other players here.
 Dukka Coins
You can exchange Dukka Coins here for different Dukka Coins here in Dukka Town.
Play Game  Enpiah Alien
The Enpiah Alien sells rare items for Auction with a starting price of 1MP.
 Fake Dukka Coins
You can exchange Fake Dukka Coins here for different Fake Dukka Coins here in Vortex Park.
Play Game  Games
This section lists all of the games and flash games you can play to earn MP.
Play Game  Items Wanted
List the items you want to buy or collect for sellers to find you.
Play Game  Job Centre
Get your pet a job and earn promotions for more MP wages each day.
Play Game  Olympics
Train your pets and enter them into the Olympic to win medals and Olympic Points.
Play Game  Pet Auctions
The only way that you can sell your non limited edition pets for MP is at the Pet Auctions.
Play Game  RP Bank
Deposit and save your RP at this bank and earn daily interest.

Collect 0RP interest now
Play Game  Shops
Spend your currencies at some of the many shops around Marada. Certain shops will restock with new stock every 5 minutes.
Play Game  Stock Market
Invest in the stock market and make a profit when their share price increases.
Play Game  Trades
Trade your items with other players for items and/or currency.

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