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The Rainbow Fairy loves colour and is happiest when a pet changes its costume. She stays in Lush Lake watching pets around Marada transform into new species and colours. She rewards you for your pet's Transformations, which is anytime that your pet changes into a new species or colour. These transformations are listed on your pet profile. Each colour and species of pet is only counted once. If your pet reaches the amount of transformations as below she will reward you with one of these prizes.

NOTE - you are rewarded only once per pet. Trading for a pet with a high Transformations list will NOT give you the prizes if they have already been rewarded.

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Transformations Prize
10 Rainbow Fairy Paint Brush
25 10,000MP
50 Rainbow Fairy Diary
75 25,000MP
100 Rainbow Fairy Songs
125 50,000MP
150 Painting with Rainbow Fairy
175 75,000MP
200 Staff of the Rainbow Fairy
225 100,000MP
250 Rainbow Fairy Stamp
275 125,000MP
300 Flighty
325 150,000MP
350 Rainbow Fairy Doll
375 175,000MP
400 Rainbow Fairy Potato
425 200,000MP
450 Rainbow Fairy Pearl
475 225,000MP
500 Rainbow Fairy Gumball
525 250,000MP
550 Rainbow Fairy Booster
575 275,000MP
600 Rainbow Fairy Trading Card
625 300,000MP
650 Rainbow Hammer
675 325,000MP
700 Rainbow Toast
725 350,000MP
750 Oasis Album
775 375,000MP
800 Rainbow Popup Book
825 400,000MP
850 Chameleon
875 425,000MP
900 Rainbow Smoothie
925 450,000MP
950 Painting Rainbows
975 475,000MP
1,000 Rainbow Contact Lenses
1,025 500,000MP
1,050 Rainbow Dress
1,075 525,000MP
1,100 Rainbow Fairy Cupcake
1,125 550,000MP
1,150 Rainbow Plushie
1,175 575,000MP
1,200 3 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for your Pet
1,225 600,000MP
1,250 3 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for your Pet
1,275 625,000MP
1,300 Rainbow Fairy Game
1,325 650,000MP
1,350 6 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for your Pet
1,375 675,000MP
1,400 6 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for your Pet
1,425 700,000MP
1,450 Rainbow Fairy Photo
1,475 725,000MP
1,500 9 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for your Pet
1,525 775,000MP
1,550 9 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for your Pet
1,575 750,000MP
1,600 Strawberry Jam and Banana Sandwich
1,625 800,000MP
1,650 Chibaccino
1,675 825,000MP
1,700 Fake Rainbow Costume
1,725 850,000MP
1,750 Rainbow Sugar Cube
1,775 875,000MP

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