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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
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There are seventeen different Marapets related words hidden in the daily Word Search for you to find. The guaranteed prize starts at MP10,000MP but this will go down by 1MP every second you are searching. Each word can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or in reverse and the prize will increase by MP250MP for each word you find. Whenever you find a word, simply drag and highlight to mark it off. The game will end whenever you find all seventeen words listed. If you can't find a word, you can press 'cheat' to find it but MP750MP will be taken from your prize each time.

Solve a new Word Search for FREE each day. Win up to MP15,000MP just for entering. You may also win a random bonus prize. Find 10 or more words without cheating and you may be one of three daily winners of a Two Hundred And Fifty Dukka Coin. Here is the bonus Prize List.
Word Search

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