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Yes, thats right. Candyland. A whole world made entirely from candy. Luckily there's no evil witches lurking inside the gingerbread cottage here, so you can bring your hungry pets there to eat if you can't afford to feed them. If you've got some MP to spend then you can browse the shops full of delicious sweet treats, or try your luck at the gumball machine. When your pets have eaten their fill they can sit in the shade of the candy tree while it challenges you to one of its quests.

You can buy bakery for MP at this shop in Candyland.

Bakery may restock new items in 3 minutes
You can buy candy for MP at this shop in Candyland.

Candy may restock new items in 3 minutes

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Candy Tree0 
Complete Candy Tree quests for chocolate and candy and you will be rewarded.

Complete a Candy Tree quest now
You can buy cereal for MP at this shop in Candyland.

Cereal may restock new items in 40 seconds

You can buy chocolate for MP at this shop in Candyland.

Chocolate may restock new items in 2 minutes
Play Game  Crossword
Fill in the Crossword puzzle and win MP and prizes if your answers are correct!

Play Game  Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny visits randomly at Easter time bringing fun and giving out prizes.
Play Game  Easter Egg Hunt
The Easter Egg Hunt is an site event that takes place around Easter each year.

 Factory Outlet
You can buy special items for BP at this shop in Candyland.

Factory Outlet may restock new items in 1 minute
Play Game  Gingerbread House
The Gingerbread House is where poor players take their pets to eat for free.

Play Game  Goals
These goals will reward you for completing them with some sweet prizes.

Completed Level 0 of 50 
Play Game  Gourmet Food Collection
Feed your pet rarity 10 or higher items to increase it's gourmet food collection.
collected 0 of 6,519

Play Game  Gumball Machine
Insert 150MP into the gumball machine to dispense a random gumball.
Play Game  Jelly Castle
Visit just once a day for 300MP. Catch him the hour he is asleep and win jelly prizes.

Play Game  Nutty Tree
Shake, kick, burn, hug or kiss the tree to try to make it drop nuts for you.
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Obese Fairy 
The Obese Fairy rewards you for the number of gourmet foods your pet has eaten.

Play Game  Pancake Pile
Play every hour for 400MP. Match three pancakes in a row to win.
Play Game  Sugar Stack
1,000MP to stack a cube and try to win a prize. Knock it over and lose the jackpot!

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Sumo Sally 
Complete the battle quests of the Sumo Sally and you will get BP and diamonds!

Add the Sumo Sally Pass to use this

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