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The Easter Bunny hops in at Easter time.
To give hugs, snuggles and to play games for a funtime.
With Chocolate and Candy, Eggs and Jelly beans. Not forgetting the carrots for those all important greens.
Dress up your doll in purples, golds and pink. Brown for a chocolate look or greens for the Spring.

You can change your settings so that any item you Donate will go directly to the Easter Bunny to give out to players at Easter. If you want to donate anonymously you can use the Send Item feature to send any item to the player EasterBunny. Items donated by other players for the next event are shown below. The Easter Bunny will also give out prizes from this Prize List

EasterBunny is currently offline. She visits every Easter to run FREE contests, games and giveaways.
Easter Bunny
Easter 2023 is in only 1 second

Decorate your profile and dress up your character for the celebrations, in pinks and golds and purples. The Easter Bunny will be visiting profiles and you may get rewarded for those who impress her. The Easter Bunny is not like Beelzebub, she is shy and easily scared away! Be nice and she will be running contests, games and giveaways on the Forums - 10 lucky winners will receive a retired Splatter Costume while others will win retired Easter Eggs and other great items! Naughty players will scare her away or receive only Carrots.

You do not have to have an easter/spring costume, you can dress up your doll in pinks, golds and purples, brown for a chocolate look or green colours a spring look.

If you are a younger player and you do not have access to Forums you can still take part. The Easter Bunny will visit profiles selected randomly from the Online list so make sure you are ready in case she drops by!

Where should items you donate/delete go?

There are 8,319 items donated to the Easter Bunny for her next Easter Event
Milk Chocolate Gumball
Plastic Surgery Coupon
Plastic Surgery Coupon
Red Tantua Plushie
Forest Green Face Makeup Dye
Purple Oglue Plushie
Yellow Grint Plushie
White Chocolate Murfin
Orange Chocolate Leido
Dark Chocolate Rofling
Injured Crindol Plushie
White Chocolate Yakubi
Christmas Tree Candle
Christmas Tree Candle
Green Game Controller
Enchanted Navy Gonk Plushie
Yellow Snookle Balloon
Blue Grey Eye Makeup Powder
Olive Green Eye Makeup Powder
Pastel Green Lipstick
Christmas Decorations