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Gigantic Paradise
At the end of the rainbow in Gigantic Paradise sits a gigantic Pot of Gold filled with items. Most of these items are donated by generous players. The not so generous Scrooge also donates items here. Ever wondered what happened to those items you accidently drop around Marada? Items lost from Random Events go straight to the Pot of Gold too!

You can also view Prizes Won here and the High Scores List for those who donated the most items.

Players with fewer than MP1,000,000MP can visit for FREE once every hour otherwise it's every 2 hours
Pot of Gold

Play more Free Games to win free MP or prizes

Where should items you donate/delete go?

There are 20,769 items in the Pot of Gold you could win
Zoundgarden Shirt
Charcoal Contact Lenses
Yuni Brows Coupon
Injured Speiro Plushie
Injured Crindol Plushie
Invisible Leido Plushie
Gigantic Paradise News Jul 2021
Eyru Jigsaw Puzzle
Sky Blue Contact Lenses
Prison Poera Plushie
Bronze Yakubi Plushie
Bronze Walee Plushie
Hump Magazine Jul 2021
Dukka Town News Jul 2021
Orange Paper Hat
Purple Chati Plate
Injured Knutt Plushie
Light Fairy Lati Plushie
Vintage Bunions Wanted Poster
Crusty Strawberry Bread
Pirate Eyru Photo
Simeria News Feb 2021
Simeria News Feb 2021
Lucky Lagoon Scratchcard
Fishy Fortune Scratchcard
Magenta Grint Plushie
Kamilah Code Pancakes
Vintage Bezo Wanted Poster
Mummy Gonk Plushie
Mummy Viotto Plushie
Mummy Oglue Plushie
Giant Flower Balloon
Lucky Lagoon Scratchcard
Injured Bolimo Plushie
Pink Game Controller
Dukka Caves News Oct 2019
Ice Renat Plushie
Kamilah Codes Sugar Cube
Injured Zetlian Plushie
Green Oglue Plushie
Injured Kidlet Plushie
Maximus Trading Card
Sybri Action Figure
Empty Pepper Soda
Enchanted Black Speiro Plushie
Navy Tantua Plushie
Kidlet Action Figure

If you add the Arcade Giftbox to your collection, you will earn double score points with every flash game, free game and points to play game that you play. Spend your score points in the games shop and be rewarded by the Arcade Fairy.

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect