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Gigantic Paradise
At the end of the rainbow in Gigantic Paradise sits a gigantic Pot of Gold filled with items. Most of these items are donated by generous players. The not so generous Scrooge also donates items here. Ever wondered what happened to those items you accidently drop around Marada? Items lost from Random Events go straight to the Pot of Gold too!

You can also view Prizes Won here and the High Scores List for those who donated the most items.

Players with fewer than MP1,000,000MP can visit for FREE once every hour otherwise it's every 2 hours
Pot of Gold

Play more Free Games to win free MP or prizes

Where should items you donate/delete go?

There are 20,115 items in the Pot of Gold you could win
Prison Azul Plushie
Baby Ercuw Plushie
Beelzebub Smoothie
Red Sindi Cracker
Minipet Newth Plushie
Lowlyhood News Nov 2021
Orange Chocolate Gumball
Blitzen Troit Plushie
Eleka Tombola Stamp
Sardine Oil Stamp
Blue Fasoro Plushie
Mummy Speiro Plushie
Black Grimmus Plate
Mummy Bolimo Plushie
Red Speiro Plushie
Fake One Dukka Coin
Gold Leido Plushie
Prison Equilor Plushie
Yellow Ideus Plushie
Empty Avocado Soda
White Crindol Potion
Wizard Ercuw Plushie
Yellow Murfin Potion
X Marks The Spot Scratchcard
Yellow Gizmo Plushie
White Leido Plushie
Wallop Ice Sculpture
Vanilla Soft Serve
Yellow Yakubi Plushie
Yellow Sugar Cookies
Yellow Sindi Plushie
X Marks The Spot Scratchcard
Radioactive Feliz Plushie
Orange Troit Plushie
Strawberry Sugar Cube
Rainbow Bolimo Plushie
Orange Paper Hat
Prison Quell Plushie
Silver Candycane
Treater Trading Card
Red Feliz Plushie
Strawberry Soft Serve
Sugar Free Ghost Lolly
Enchanted Purple Yakubi Plushie
Blue Newth Plushie
Eclipse Keyring
Blue Murfin Plushie
Green Knutt Plushie
Green Yakubi Plushie
Coral Syrup Pancakes
Grey Gonk Plushie
Code Breaker Keyring
Game Fairy Keyring
Halloween Zetlian Plushie
Fairy Flight Cupcake
Lemon Candy Blood
Navy Kidlet Potion
Angel Poera Plushie
Cheese N Quackers Wanted Poster
Cheese N Quackers Wanted Poster
Brown Walee Plushie
Sewers Chibs Photo
Fancy Ercuw Plushie