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Undying Woods
Neglected pets that die will end up at the Graveyard where any Maradan can take ownership of them for FREE. The Gate of the Graveyard is where the pets that have died go before they enter the Graveyard. The Graveyard has limited space and the Ghost Xoi has to organise a grave for each of the pets. It takes 14 days for a pet to get a place at the Graveyard and during this time, the owner of the pet who has died can save the pet from entering the Graveyard for the last time.

Pay MP50,000MP to free your pet but it will change to a Zombie or you can pay the Ghost Xoi MP100,000MP and it will leave unchanged. If you do not pay either within the time limit, you will lose your pet forever at the Graveyard and if your pet is in any Temple or Pyramid, you will lose all progress as well as losing permanent ownership of the pet.
Gate of the Graveyard
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