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With several of Queen Eleka's assassination plots revealed, it's clear to all now that she is still evil. King Baspinar is on high alert as her latest plot saw 145,014 Traps left around Marada. He needs to know where they are and will reward those who find them. Some squares contain traps and if you click those you will lose. Click a square which doesn't have a trap and you'll be shown the number of neighbouring squares that contain traps.

The more squares that you clear, the more MP you will win. You may also randomly win Charisma Stats for your pet. If you have the Pet Stats Giftbox in your collection, you can also select which pet will receive the charisma stats before you play. If you click all of the squares without finding a trap you will win the jackpot. The last jackpot was MP18,945MP won by Exy on 24th Oct 16:35:12

 Level 32 or higher players will earn Double Charisma stats from Traps.

You can play Traps for FREE once every 6 hours.

The current jackpot is MP28,801MP

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