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Dukka Caves
Sam is a Crikey who likes to swim in and around the waters of Dukka Caves. He helps to keep the Dukka Town Item Wishlists organised, and knows everything about every item in Marada and loves to play games with them. Sam will give you six different letter tiles he found floating by and you will have 90 Seconds to try and solve as many of the words (words only found in Marapets item names) he has chosen that contain only these letters.

Once the time is up, he will reveal all of the words he selected and reward you for each word you guessed correctly. You will earn MP25MP for each letter in each word you guess correctly. If you manage to solve his special bonus word (shown on the golden yellow tiles) you will earn MP100MP for each letter in this word. You will also gain one entry to his daily raffle per play.

Anagram Sam may also reward you with a special bonus prize from his Prize List each time you play. Sam loves letters so much, his bonus prizes include many items that have letters on them, such as Hieroglyphics, Runes and Toy Blocks!

There will be three daily winners of a random Blood prize based on raffle entries earned.

You can play Anagram Sam for FREE once every hour.

Anagram Sam

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