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Dukka Town
Rusila has 30 bags of loot for you to open. Each bag of loot has a different Dukka Coin, Fake Dukka Coin or MP inside. Keep opening them until you find a matching set. If you open and match a full set of MP inside the bags, you will win the jackpot. The last jackpot was MP1,007,568MP won by BeansAndMe on 1st Mar 03:24:46

You can play Dukka Dash for MP3,000MP once every 30 minutes. Here is the Prize List.

The current jackpot is MP23,803MP

Level 25+ players will receive Double Coins from Dukka Dash this week

Offer ends in 19 hours and 55 minutes

flipsahoy won Fake Ten Dukka Coin