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Dukka Town
The pirates of the Dukka Caves may not be trustworthy but they're trying hard to change their reputation. Most known for stealing, smuggling and the extreme lengths they will go to make a quick profit, releasing their Wheel of Fortune seemed totally out of character! Are they just trying to bring more visitors to their illegal Dukka Town? Who cares! It costs just MP10,000MP to play and you could win prizes like Dukka Coins and stats for your pet. If you're lucky enough to land on the Treasure Map you have a chance to find and win the MP2,170,072MP jackpot. You may also find Dukka Coins or Account Upgrade Credit.

The last jackpot was MP13,638,479MP won by Tinka1326 on 24th Sep 16:03:34

You can play Wheel of Fortune for MP10,000MP once every 16 hours.