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Wafer is visiting Nimbus from Candyland and has fallen asleep. Every game you play will enter you into the Donut Challenge. Jump from each donut or bounce against the wall to climb higher and higher, collecting as many donuts as you can... but DO NUT FALL! If Wafer falls he'll wake up from his sleep and the game of Donut Fall will end.

At the end of each game, you will find out if you are a winner of the Donut Challenge, comparing your score to a group of randomly selected players who played in the hours before you. If your score is the highest, you will win a random Donut Challenge Prize which could be at Ball of Fat Yarn to change certain minipets into Gourmet Minipets.

Earn 25MP per 1 Points. Earn up to the maximum of MP2,000MP each play.

You can play Donut Fall up to 3 times per day for FREE. Game resets at 00:00MST.
Earn 25MP per 1 Points
2,000MP max per play
Bonus Prizes
10 items
0 / 3
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Resets at 00:00MST
in 5 hours and 32 minutes
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