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Puchalla Village
Baby and toddler pets are left at this Puchalla Village day care centre by their busy owners. Keeping it tidy at the end of each busy day is a challenge. As the Toy Blocks are stacked, tap to move the blocks across to match the same colours. The game ends when the toy blocks reach the red line at the top.

Earn 18MP per 1 Points. Earn up to the maximum of MP2,000MP each play.

You can play Toy Blocks up to 3 times per day for FREE. Game resets at 00:00MST. Here is the Prize List.

Earn 18MP per 1 Point
2,000MP max per play
Bonus Prizes
7 items
0 / 3
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Resets at 00:00MST
in 2 hours and 6 minutes
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