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Marapets is mobile friendly
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Eleka's Castle
When the sun sets on Eleka's Castle the mafia come out to commit their crime. Their newest and most profitable crime is taking rich visitors Hostage and demanding a ransom for their return. Complete each level by killing all of the mafia using the least amount of shots. If they currently have a hostage, you will lose the level if the hostage is killed. You must earn three stars to complete a level.

There are 20 levels to complete and you will win these Level Reward Prizes the first and only time you complete each level. You must send score when you complete a level to unlock the next level and receive your prize. Level rewards include the chance to skip any level of the Penitentiary mission. These allow you to skip any level of the his mission you are about to fail, passing the level without having to bring him the items he requested but you will forfeit any prize for this level.

Earn 1MP per 1 points. Earn up to the maximum of MP2,000MP each play.

You can play Hostage up to 3 times per day for FREE. Game resets at 00:00MST.

Earn 1MP per 1 Points
2,000MP max per play
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Resets at 00:00MST
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