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Queen Eleka's Castle

Places to Visit

Here lies the courtyard of Eleka's Castle, where the evil Queen Eleka once ruled the dark side of Marada. As you can see, the area has been deserted ever since King Baspinar took control and evil fled. As King Baspinar has gone missing and Queen Eleka has returned, for now this castle area is open for the public.... lets see what returns...
You can buy charms for MP at this shop in Eleka's Castle.

Charms may restock new items in 3 minutes
 Cooking Ingredients
You can buy cooking ingredients for RP at this shop in Eleka's Castle.

Cooking Ingredients may restock new items in 3 minutes
Play Game  Dark Fairy
Give the evil Dark Fairy 100,000MP and you see what she doesn't reward you with.
Play Game  Eleka Fountain
Throw 50RP into the magical Eleka Fountain and your pet may receive a magic stat.
Play Game  
Eleka Prison0 
Feed these starving minipets and they'll thank you with RP and circus tickets.

Complete a Eleka Prison quest now
Play Game  Eleka Tombola
Draw a ticket and if it ends in 0, 2, or 5, you will get an item prize.
Play Game  
Fire Fairy 
The Fire Fairy rewards each of your pets for the spells they have learned.

Play Game  Fugunzel's Tower
Complete Fugunzel's missions for charms and you'l get a limited edition Troit pet.

Complete the Fugunzel Treasure Map to use this
Play Game  Goals
Complete these goals related to Eleka's Castle and win prizes.

Completed Level 0 of 50 
Play Game  
Kirin rewards each of your pets for training their defence stats.

You can buy special items for RP at this shop in Eleka's Castle.
Play Game  Monthly Mission Contest
Complete the most levels of a mission each month to win a full retired treasure map.

Contests ends in 13 days, 23 hours and 4 minutes
Play Game  Pet Trades
Safely trade your pets with other players for your dream pet at the pet trades.
You can buy special items for RP at this shop in Eleka's Castle.
Play Game  
Queen Loyalty Prizes0 
Queen Eleka rewards you free items for the number of days you have played Marapets for.

Play Game  RP Bank
Deposit and save your RP at this bank and earn daily interest.

Collect 0RP interest now
Play Game  The Fates
Finish the Fates missions to earn a limited edition Yuni pet.
Completed Level of 30 

You can visit The Fates now
 Voodoo Dolls
You can buy voodoo dolls for MP at this shop in Eleka's Castle.

Voodoo Dolls may restock new items in 2 minutes
Play Game  Witch Doctor
Tired of your pets being cursed with by Voodoo Dolls? Pay for protection.

Big Money Bingo
in 4 minutes
2,008,355MP Prize

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