It all begins and ends with your mind.
What you give power to.
Has power over you.
If you allow it.

Thank you for visiting my page. :)
I absolutely accept friend requests from everyone, so, feel free to friend request me anytime! I will also lend my pet(s) to anyone who needs to complete a quest or goal. Tips are appreciated but optional.
You may also mail me anytime, I will try to answer back as soon as possible! I will answer to both MaraMail and Maratalk.

Also, I may, occasionally, login from various locations or devices and I don't log out often, so, my online status may be misleading. I am also asking the MaraStaff to please not ban or freeze me as I use my phone to login occasionally, aside from using my laptops, and I may login from various other locations.

About me:
Birthday: April 6th (Therefore, I am an Aries)
I like dancing, singing, drawing, gaming, binge-watching, coding/programming, designing, Astronomy,
writing (stories, poems, etc), horror
I am also a graphic designer and a programmer. I mainly do web designing languages but I am currently trying to learn other languages.
I often have really bad anxiety but I work hard every day in order to control it if at all possible.
I enjoy helping others, so, if you need help, such as, on a quest, level or need guidance, mail me. I will be happy to assist you all I can.:)
I tend to be very friendly and I love making new friends.

Joined Marapets: August 9th, 2019

My goal is to obtain a username certificate and to fill up my collections especially plushies, plates, wardrobe, and glowing eggs.

Player for 3 months, 26 days and 22 hoursJoined 9th Aug 2019 17:19
Maybe life isn't about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it's about collecting the scars to prove that we showed up for it.
Player for 3 months, 26 days and 22 hoursJoined 9th Aug 2019 17:19
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