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Drew is fabulous! He lives for fashion and his goal is to turn all players from drab to fab. If you accept his quest, Drew will ask you to come back wearing certain clothing in colours he chooses. If you can do this within the time limit he will reward you with MarapointsMP. If he is feeling really generous he will also give you a Dress 4 Less Voucher. Drew will exchange them for a pet Transformation. He looks at all of the different colours and species your pet has been in it's lifetime and will change it back in exchange of these vouchers. The rarer the pet or costume, the more vouchers you will need!

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Are you having a bad day? You look terrible!

Do you accept my Quest?

If you add the Missing Wardrobe Giftbox to your collection, you will be able to view all wardrobe items you are missing and try them all on before you buy them.

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect