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fluffy57142 What is the process you go through to decide what items you want the site to retire?

Event and Account Upgrade items, or items that are released for a certain amount of time have a retirement date added. The Retirement planning feature is totally random and it decides what will retire and when.
15 Sep 14:39

Susi Could we have an option to view only 0 priced items in our club shops to make pricing easier please?

The Club Shops now have all of the same features of a normal user shop, including Auto Price and view only 0MP items. The layout has also been improved.
10 Sep 09:59

Shipper_Of_Heart "You earn a Limax from completing"- Completing What?

You get Limax from Account Upgrades. Remember, restricted pets such as Limax are only released in Account Upgrades once per year or less!
10 Sep 10:09

Sale Could you allow for trades to be made with only an ISP and no wishlist? If you have a set price, having additional text isn't really needed, and its kind of a pain if you have a lot of items to sell. Thank you!

This has now been fixed. A wishlist should only be needed if there is no Instant Sale Price.
10 Sep 10:02

Matthew Would you ever consider increasing the shop price maximum past 500,000MP?

No, I think 500,000MP is more than enough.
27 Apr 01:17

Melissa "Runes are the key to understanding one of the many ancient langugages in Simeria" - "langugages" - might wanna fix that Ian! Love all the new features btw, great work. :)

Oops! Fixed it.
23 Apr 17:16

Cheesy Can we have the freelance highscores and new challenge linked at the top of the freelance agency?

Sure, this has been added.
23 Apr 17:11

Unorthodox Can a button be made to autoprice everything in your shop at once?

I wish we could but some player's shops are so huge it will be too much at once, especially during events. It could cause lag and slow down the site for everyone.
23 Apr 17:03

Ghoulish Can the hotel stay be made longer than 28 days? It really isn't long enough. Thankies

The hotel can now accept pets for upto a year.
22 Apr 03:43

Millie Can you make bank interest automatic, so we don't have to collect it every day?

No sorry, Marapets will always reward for loyalty. You will need to login and collect this.
22 Apr 03:41

shizuhu When making plates could we have the ticks back if the plate is already in our collection please

It is there, you just have to click 'check plate' to see its price and if it is in your collection.
21 Apr 18:36

Zan Can we get a place that shows our plushie machine count?

Sure, this count has been added to the Plushie Machines.
21 Apr 18:32

Anamya Can we have a link for the Fire Fairy in the Spell shop/collection?

Sure, this has been added now.
19 Apr 01:34

Briongloid Maroon Crysanthemum should be Maroon Chrysanthemum - missing that 'h' as the second letter of the word. :)

19 Apr 01:28

paranormal Can you add other currency options to the instant sell feature? Especially AU

No, it will only ever be for MP.
19 Apr 01:22

Mr Can we tag people in the blog comments?

Yes, this has been added now.
19 Apr 01:21

ghostling Could you fix the online/offline indicator when you're searching for a specific item on trades, as once you do a search every user shows up as offline even when some of them are actually online.

You're right. When you search trades as 'containing my phrase' without ticking 'show online only' it mistakingly showed everyone as offline. This has now been fixed!
18 Apr 03:45

Mr When I'm auditioning a pet can it say Pet Auctions instead of Trading on the index page?

If one of your pets is in Pet Auctions it will now say 'Auctions' and link to this auction on the home page.
18 Apr 03:37

Nick Can we get the item amount counter for attic as well when we click "Explore Attic?"

Sure! Its now on 'Explore Attic' and also on your Shop Stock page - as long as its set to show all stock.
16 Apr 20:22

Kaylesha Can the CD collections page have a link to the Water Fairy, please?

Added :)
16 Apr 20:04

BLlNK I think Giant Raspberry has a spelling error in it..

Oops! Fixed :)
16 Apr 19:55

Twisted Can we have a "check price" option for quests like Eleka prison and Hump racing?

Sure, this has been added to the Hump Racing, Eleka Prison, Knutt House and Aquarium.
16 Apr 19:36

Button Can we please get a timer on the aquarium so it's possible to tell how long until it resets?

The Aquarium has been updated. It now has a countdown until the next feeding session, price checker and it also restocks 40 fish per session instead of 30.
16 Apr 19:29

ThePinkPoptart Can there be a link to the wishlist section "search by rarity" on the poison pit page please?

A link has now been added to the Poison Pit to the wishlist rarity section.
16 Apr 19:04

_Syd_ Can you make it so we can offer over 100,000,000MP in trades?

This was actually recently increased to 250,000,000MP.
16 Apr 19:00

SwetaNew Can you please increase the wardrobe count for the contests? There are practically no entries in bronze section and way too many in Gold.

This was way overdue! Gold is now 2,500 or more, Silver is now 1,000 or more and Bronze is less than 1,000.
16 Apr 18:44

Yakuza Can we have the Magic Carpet feature show under Temples & Pyramids on the Missions page?

The Magic Carpet is now on the Missions page.
16 Apr 18:40

Riss Could you add the link to the Desert Fairy in the list of links on top of when you're viewing your pets books?

This has been added now.
16 Apr 18:28

Sinki We can no longer search for Justins in pet trades at all, they don't come up in the list of pet species.

You can, that just means that there were no Justins in Pet Trades at that time.
16 Apr 18:00

ketchup When completing the Temple of Transubstantiation, can you put the costume list in alphabetical order?

This is now in alphabetical order.
16 Apr 17:50

Worm Could icons be added next to each avatar on the drop down list for the Temple of Tableaus?

This Temple did show them but it only worked for some browsers. This has been updated now so that it works for everyone.
16 Apr 17:40

Nickel Can there be a link at the Pot of Gold that takes you to Scrooge?

Sure! This has been added now.
16 Apr 17:00

Xen Can we get a page thats similar to the 'Pets colours', except for minipets? So it shows all the yarn and all the minpets and what can be coloured with which yarn?

We already have this, its called Minipet Colours and its on the Minipet Island map.
15 Apr 17:39

mjtgreenday16 Goals are nearly impossible to advance in when they require pets in rare (nearly non-existent) costumes. I'll never be able to get to level 10 in Baspinar's Goals (and therefore further in Progress) without an armored pet. Can Goals be changed to require less difficult-to-attain costumes?

You don't have to have the costume, you can borrow an Armoured pet from any other player on the site using Pet Lending. Use the forums or pet trades to find players who may have an Armoured pet.
15 Apr 17:31

TheGoodMadame I think the wording on adding cans to the recycling center is a bit messed up (ex: Empty White Marapop has been recycled. You can now have 28 Recycled Cans to spend at the Recycling Centre) shouldn't that say "You now have" instead of "You can now have"?

Oops! Fixed this =D
15 Apr 17:29

GargamelSmurf Hi, I'm posting for my son Alex, he is 11 years old... he wants to know when is Ian going to release the volcano? He is very excited about it and wants it released as soon as possible!

It is planned and ready to be drawn for future release but currently put on hold. We are focusing on re-drawing some of the oldest world maps first, like the recent Jenoa update.
15 Apr 16:17

Gawd Can we please get a countdown clock for the Murfin Madness Rollercoaster?

Sure, this has now been added.
15 Apr 16:03

Fork Could those banned account in friend list status as "banned" instead of "offline"?

Sure, banned players now show as 'Banned' on your friends list.
15 Apr 15:56

faithful_sandwhale Would you please fix the friends dropdown in "Send Maramail"? It's always empty for me.

It isn't broken, this list only shows friends you have selected as your 'Best Friends'. If you want to add friends to this list, add them as best friends at the friends page.
15 Apr 15:44

Marshmallow Is it possible for there to be a counter that tells you how many items are in your gallery?

Now when you use the 'Explore Gallery' section it now tells you how many different items your Gallery has and how many items in total.
15 Apr 15:22

Draco Can we have a warning or alert that trades are about to expired and/or has expired?

I have added a countdown to each Trade and Pet Trade lot that you create now saying when it will automatically expire.
15 Apr 15:02

Ambriella When getting a Currency Exchange alert from someone, could you put a button on the alert so we can get directed straight to the CE page?

This has been added to Currency Exchange now. There is also a slight delay of 30-120 seconds in processing accepted or declined Currency Exchanges.
25 Nov 18:11

Cakeslice Could we please get a check price at the capsule prize list?

This has now been added.
25 Nov 18:09

Specter Should tiredness be changed to thirst? Since marapets no longer go to bed and sleep, only using drinks (and hotel nights) to reduce that status then should the name of that stat be changed?

This was in the process of changing but there was many parts of the site to edit and update. This has been changed now and 'Tiredness' is now 'Thirst'. Hopefully this is a lot less confusing!
25 Nov 18:09

faithful_sandwhale I used a Language Concoction and got the success message "Taniquetil now has one more english stat". You might want to change this wording.

Oops! Fixed that now.
25 Nov 18:08

prettyangelz When we click on the minipets button on the marapets home button page, and click on a minipet, can it direct us to that minipet?

This is where it should be linked to. This has been fixed now.
25 Nov 18:07

ScrappingGirl Could you please make it so we can buy more than 1 raffle ticket at a time?

You can now buy 1, 5 or 10 raffle tickets at a time.
25 Nov 18:06

Wolfiri Can we get the retirement date of an item (if there is one) under the Check Price menu?

There isn't enough room for the date but there is now a red ! icon shown that links to retirement planning if an item has a date set to retire.
25 Nov 18:00

loconut321 I think the item "Pea Seeds" is accidentally spelled "Pee Seeds".

Not a mistake, the Pee Seeds are to create the minipet called Pee, who is a Pea.
25 Nov 17:58

ItsJake Can we get a timer at the town hall so we know how long we have left before we can change usernames please?

Sure, this has now been added.
25 Nov 17:57

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