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The Editorial is the only place you can submit your ideas and questions to the staff of Marapets. Do not use it for glitches or help with your account. If your question is accepted, you may be answered in the next editorial. Please make sure spelling and grammar is correct or it may be ignored.

 Level 15 or higher players can submit one question to the Editorial per day.
 Panda asked:
Will the Flayee solution be changed, seeing the Pot of Gold drops have changed ?
Yea - with the way the Pot of Gold works now the solution to this avatar isn't fair given the price and rarity of the Flayee item. I don't usually ever give out solutions to avatars but will do this time because obviously it has changed. Since the Flayee now comes from the Time Machine, the solution for this avatar is now to use the Time Machine whenever the Flayee is a possible prize to be won that week. You don't have to win a Flayee but you will gain the avatar using the Time Machine if the Flayee was a possible prize to be won.
13 days, 12 hrs & 11 mins ago
 Avious asked:
When is a Marapets merchandise store coming to us??
Never say never, but I don't think I'd ever do this. If we were to have merchandise it would have to be done properly, with high quality little pet plushies that are special and something I would want to own. I don't like mass produced throwaway merchandise... like a plain white "one size fits noone" t shirt with MaraPets logo on it really isn't something I would ever want to exist. But one day I would love us to have a limited amount of special, high quality pet plushies that can be won in our events, earned in a special shop here or possibly as a free gift we send to those who reached say Level 100 of the progress goals. I would want them to all be really unique, with their own cute little box, unique tags, unique birth certificates. Something special that people would want to keep forever and not just be thrown away or added to the pile of other merchandise. It will happen one day but I doubt we'll ever have a store.. unless I accidently order 100,000 instead of 1,000 lol
13 days, 12 hrs & 59 mins ago
 Hyde asked:
Is there any way you can add a link "Back to Marapets" on the new games send score pages?
The 'Play More Games' button when you send score basically brought you back but I changed that button now to say 'Back to MaraPets'
13 days, 13 hrs & 6 mins ago
 tweeeety asked:
How many Progress Levels are there?
75 levels at the moment
14 days, 6 hrs & 17 mins ago
 Pikalove asked:
Will the Retired Account Upgrades Apr 2005 for bolimo necklace and the other marapets character going to come out again?
Of course - they are on the Time Machine list.
14 days, 6 hrs & 23 mins ago
 Hyundai asked:
Venomous Victory Giftbox and a No-ads for Games Giftbox?
I answered earlier today about the ads and added a 'Preloader Ads Giftbox'. Adding it to your collection doesn't remove ads from the site but it does remove the ads that show while the newer games/features are loading. Basically any game or feature that is fullscreen will no longer show those ads.
14 days, 6 hrs & 25 mins ago
 Ease asked:
What happened to the release of the vortex park scratchcards?
Plans change. I don't like releasing something unless I'm 100% happy with it. They may or may not be released in the future lol
14 days, 6 hrs & 29 mins ago
 Guineagirl asked:
Why do you need to be higher than leave 15 to ask questions? The new player will have the most questions eneyways
Editorial is supposed to be suggestions to improve the game and give feedback and I feel that by the time you are Level 15 or higher, you have visited enough of the site to do this. Before it was questions like "how do I feed my pet?" or "Hello? is anyone there?"
14 days, 6 hrs & 33 mins ago
Two questions about jigsaw puzzles. Is there a point to getting all four stars, and can we get some way to tell what difficulty we've gotten stars from?
Each puzzle has 4 stars and you earn 1 star for each difficulty. There is no way to tell which one other than by making note of it yourself.
14 days, 6 hrs & 36 mins ago
 Valyra asked:
In Colours, why do you sometimes play against one player, and sometimes against 3 players?
It changes each time at random to keep it different. You play against 1, 2 or 3 players.
14 days, 6 hrs & 37 mins ago
Can you please make an editorial giftbox so we can enter 2 questions per day
Haha noooooooo
14 days, 6 hrs & 39 mins ago
 Meivabelle asked:
Can we have a GB that automatically updates prices in our shop once a day?
Giftboxes were created to allow people to use certain features twice as often. They became another way for players to pay once to unlock features that we would love to offer to everyone for free but are very server/cpu intensive and a GB helps limit and pay for these features. They are not (and never will be) something that *plays* the MaraPets game for you and pricing your shop is not something that is automated.
14 days, 6 hrs & 44 mins ago
 Jazriel asked:
Can we get a giftbox for Venomous Victory please Ian?
This feature was never intended to have a giftbox. I made it really generous with the amount of transformations and photos that are earned each day and to double that would be too much. People do keep asking for it though because they do want to play more often so if we ever did have a GB for this game, I would need to create new photo items (that can only be won from this feature) to balance this slightly because the current game already is very, very generous with the number of photos that can be won daily and any GB would double this - which is far too much!
14 days, 6 hrs & 52 mins ago
Can you add a link to hospital at Eleka Fountain because my pets went there and are sick.
Whenever you click on your pet while its sick it will link to the hospital.
14 days, 7 hrs & 3 mins ago
 LilLadyBug asked:
Will there be more Jigsaw Puzzles? I have completed all 13 & every level of the ones so far I do hope there will be.
There will be! I'm happy to say that the new Eleka's Castle map has just now been added as a new puzzle.
14 days, 7 hrs & 11 mins ago
 Treat asked:
Can the windmill be added to the free to play games (not the bottom puzzles section)?
It shouldn't actually be in the puzzle list, that was a mistake. I've moved it to Pet Dailies now.
14 days, 7 hrs & 27 mins ago
 SpringLilac asked:
Can Anagram Sam be hooked up to a dictionary so it accepts a wider variety of common real words?
The original Anagram Sam was for marapets items which is the only reason why it's like that. In the future we might meet one of his relatives Dictionary Kerry or Spell Michelle lol in a new version based on real, dictionary words.
14 days, 12 hrs & 48 mins ago
 Guineagirl asked:
Why is there an ad for prize drop? There was none for One in a Million.
Almost every page of the site has ads, so One in a Million did but since the Prize Drop game has a "loading screen" that can take 5-35 seconds to load for players depending on the size of the game, the device its played on and internet speed... so while the game is downloading a slightly higher paying, higher quality branded or video ad is loaded.

Obviously no one likes ads and if I had the choice, I would not have them on MaraPets. It's really not nice for us to spend weeks on a game or feature to make it perfect then have an ugly, annoying advert for someone else's game show before you play ours. Wthout ads we would be 100% reliant on Account Upgrade purchases and I don't personally think that would be a good thing for us. MaraPets is a free to play game and the vast majority of people do not purchase AU and I personally like that they don't feel the *need* to and can win/earn it in the game too. So yeah, the reason WHY we have these ads is that they bring in a small amount of extra revenue that long term helps pay for all of this extra content and basically keep us going strong after almost 16 years now.

We've have however had a LOT of requests in the editorial for a Giftbox that removes these preloader ads on our new games and it is something that we will be implementing because it seems like the best solution. These ads only became extremely annoying when someone is an active MaraPets player who plays and uses them several times a day and these adverts are really only intended to make additional revenue from those who find us, browse, play a few games and leave. I hope this makes sense!
14 days, 13 hrs & 16 mins ago
 Switch asked:
Would you make a setting for Marapets night mode? Darker backgrounds instead of white.
Honestly, I have no plans for anything like this. There are plenty of browser settings and extensions you can add to do it yourself. If you have Chrome browser go to Settings, Themes and then choose Dark.
14 days, 13 hrs & 37 mins ago
 pinkgu asked:
Due to the current weather event and closure of certain shops. Can we have an alternate solution to Easter Egg Hunt 2020? I believe some of us player are still trying to finish it.
I know this question is old but it was still asked on the 8th May so I think the answer is still relevent. Easter was 12 April and everyone had until the end of June to complete it. Weather events are random and unpredictable and part of the game. The alternative solution will only ever be to wait for the weather to pass.
14 days, 13 hrs & 41 mins ago
 Guineagirl asked:
Can we get a thing like with selfies but for pets so you could change them?
We have this already with the Transformations collection but you just have to earn the changes from Drew quests. It'll never be as easy to change pets as it is changing selfies.
14 days, 13 hrs & 52 mins ago
 Astralis asked:
Could you make it so we go straight to the Sewer Struggle battles rather than being directed to the battle arena?
I've edited it so that when you click on the 'Fight them in the Battle Arena to continue' link it will automatically start the battle for your default pet. It's not perfect though - it *may* have a few issues if a security code is asked for or if you are already in a battle but its certainly better than before.
14 days, 13 hrs & 54 mins ago
 ItsJake asked:
Any chance the daily deals could reset at 00:00?
That wouldn't work because your deal needs to last a day. Otherwise people could use it at 1 minute before midnight and their deal has reset before they even get to the shop its for.
22 days, 5 hrs & 17 mins ago
 Juliie asked:
Is there a possibility to show all the words you could've gotten at word pirate at the end of the game?
The dictionary has about 300,000+ words so it would be a huge, crazy list lol
22 days, 5 hrs & 21 mins ago
 Drymoon asked:
Can you make it so people can purchase hotel, hospital, and prison credit?
I don't understand the point of that? They're all paid for in MP so you would just be pre-paying your fees.
22 days, 5 hrs & 22 mins ago
 Dragobete asked:
Chess is one of my favourite games and I find it too easy to win. Can you add some difficulty levels like in Maze?
Chess actually has about 6 or 7 different difficulty levels which vary at random.
22 days, 5 hrs & 27 mins ago
 Thistleclaw asked:
The ‘pomegranate shampoo’ item from the toiletries shop is misspelled as ‘pomegranite’ shampoo
Oops! Fixed it =D
22 days, 5 hrs & 29 mins ago
 gennie asked:
For the Colours/Uno game, could you add an option to number of players per game, 2,3, or 4, instead of having it be random?
No, in fact the other games with the option will most likely switch to random.
22 days, 5 hrs & 32 mins ago
 Ecossais asked:
Can we made double or nothing a bit easier? She must hate me I’ve been trying to get the book of swords from her for about 1 year now
Easier how? Any easier would be double or double lol
22 days, 5 hrs & 37 mins ago
 Hyundai asked:
Can we have a gift box for no-ads on games?
It's a tricky one. The ads obviously bring in revenue to pay for these games and without ads, we'd be 100% reliant on AU buyers and I think Mara wouldn't be the same if it was totally reliant on those who pay to play. Any GB to stop the preloader/video ads while a game is loading could *maybe* help if the GB was paid for but most AU is earnt or traded on MaraPets.. and a lot of people adblock anyway. And a GB just for the ads while the new games are loading would have a lot of people expecting the whole of Marapets to be ad-free. And it would lose us revenue than pays for a lot of these benfits and has kept us open for so long.... I'll add it to the list as a possible GB for the game preloader/video ads.
22 days, 5 hrs & 40 mins ago
Are you able to fix the clicking system on Quack Mafia? My cursor is directly on these ducks and I'm still not hitting them?
There is nothing to fix. You need to earn and upgrade your accuracy.
22 days, 5 hrs & 55 mins ago
 CJ asked:
Can you add the Photo Parlour and Web Cam to the Operations Portal page, please?
Mara is so huge that the original suggestions were first the obviously linked places and then others, like the portal, were linked by how often you could play them. I've taken away Word Search and Crossword from Portal and replaced it with Photos + Webcam.
22 days, 5 hrs & 57 mins ago
 Dannie asked:
Can all the new games be under the games tab too including the card and word games?
The game sections will eventually have a much nicer and organised system but obviously our first new game was only released in January and it would look pretty sad to have a "card games" or "word games" section before when we literally only had that terrible crossword game from 2010 and the old "Anagram Sam" game (aa hdddbed mmmas zzzz what word am I? lol). We have a LOT of great games on the way and then they'll be organised better.
22 days, 6 hrs & 4 mins ago
 robinh00d asked:
Can the random stat gift box make us choose which pet job promotions will go to?
I've added it to a list of "maybe" in the future! But not that GB, would probably be a different one.
22 days, 6 hrs & 9 mins ago
 Univ asked:
Could we get a scratchcard giftbox to half the time needed to wait before buying another one?
This was released 11 years, 5 months & 10 days ago back in February 2009.
22 days, 6 hrs & 11 mins ago
Can we have some sort of "Back to Marapets" link within games other than the "Play more Games" link when you've already played the max number of times?
"Play More Games" does go back to Marapets (to the games page) but I have added it to the list to change as this has been requested by many.
22 days, 6 hrs & 23 mins ago
 La asked:
Can we have a price check on items that are in the AU Shop and in the Giftbox Shop?
I would love to so that its the same as the other shops but it has to be that way for simplicity. Obviously it is just like any other shop where any sale is final but because its AU based, people claim all kinds of glitches/errors when they change their mind so that is basically the reason why. The shop is never that full anyone so you can search each item on the site search for a price check :)
22 days, 6 hrs & 27 mins ago
 _Syd_ asked:
Would you consider putting the Gazillionaire in the Time Machine?
No... the Time Machine is made for AU related items. Retired items will never come back and be cheaper and easier than the first time they were avaliable so if Gazillionaire came back, it would most likely be in a non-AU way and more expensive than when it was for sale in the Antique Shop.
22 days, 6 hrs & 38 mins ago
 Mccandles asked:
Now that you have added some of the great classic games like chess, would you consider adding a version of cribbage?
Honestly... I still don't really understand the rules of Chess and Backgammon even after working on those games AND I had to contact the American Checkers Federation to verify the rules of Draughts because of the mandory jumps backlash here... so I think I'll leave the classics alone for a while haha
22 days, 6 hrs & 43 mins ago
 Spice asked:
Can you please identify if a pet is limited or restricted on the wise walee page?
I think it would be too much information on one page to add there, but I have change the Wise Walee and Zetzilla pages so that each pet links to that pet at Pet Colours, so you can then easily see the Enchanted Plushie/Potion prices and click around from there to see more species/pet colour info.
22 days, 6 hrs & 51 mins ago
 gennie asked:
Could you add the bank interest chart to the "bank is closed" page, so we can check it, even when the bank is closed?
22 days, 6 hrs & 56 mins ago
 Negative asked:
Can there be an option in the wardrobe that says 'recently added' so we dont have to search to find our newest clothes??
Yes and no. The original wardrobe set up didn't save a lot of this info so it wasn't something we could easily sort, but its been saving a lot more and learning a lot more about players when they use it. So in the future there will be a lot more features for Wardobes that are useful.
22 days, 6 hrs & 56 mins ago
 ItsJake asked:
Could we have a way to put aquarium on a reminder for when a new session starts please?
That is part of the challenge of those quests so there won't ever be reminders for that.
22 days, 7 hrs & 3 mins ago
 CCR asked:
With so many retired items in Marapets, will there be another way for new players to acquire these retired items aside from a weekly small rotation from Time Machine, to make collecting for us new players more fun?
The Time Machine is only for items that were once released in Account Upgrades. Other retired items can be won in many different ways and since this question was asked, you will have seen that many new games (and future ones) will have ways to earn other retired items.
22 days, 7 hrs & 6 mins ago
 Lumos asked:
Can we get a remove all option for the socks we’ve collected for Shusan?
This has been on the to-do list for so long but then Vortex Park blew up and she had vanished every time I went to do it.. but it's now added!
3 months, 22 days & 6 hrs ago
 Birdy asked:
Can we get a Guillotine Giftbox?
3 months, 22 days & 7 hrs ago
 Dragobete asked:
Hard difficulty on Maze isnt hard enough, can you add an insane difficulty level?
I actually agree. I think the easy level is a little too easy and the hard isn't that hard! I made the hard level more extreme and the easy level is now the old "normal" level. I also increased the MP payouts and the amount of raffle prizes.
3 months, 22 days & 9 hrs ago
 ezgame asked:
Can you please add a game notification button for the new games like maze and chess please?
I've added all of the recent games to the reminders now - all 23 of them!
3 months, 22 days & 10 hrs ago
 ItsJake asked:
In Chess, is there any way to code it so that if you go to stalemate, because the computer can’t move anywhere that isn’t checkmate, that you win instead of draw? In real chess you’d win as the other player would have to lay down their king.
I've changed the Chess game so that a draw still counts as a win in terms of MP + raffle prizes.
3 months, 22 days & 10 hrs ago
 Bugsy15 asked:
When will you add a Wallop Poision to the shop?
Just now!
4 months, 27 days & 5 hrs ago