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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
umm click here I guess :)

The name Alcyone is pronounced "all-sigh-on" and is a star.

Hi I'm Dave and proudly Canadian.
There's a 99% chance I'm much older than you but I am young at heart and have a youthful spirit.
It also means I reserve the right to be contentious and cranky lol.

I've played Mara off and on for many years and am always happy to help
if you have questions or need help with Goals or Missions.

My pets are happy to visit other players for a very short time to pass Goals.

None of my pets can help anyone with Knutt Knight Quests or Sumo Sally
They would love to help but aren't nearly strong enough
and they also need to pay me back for training by earning Olympic Points.

Melitza is my first pet and my main collections and battle pet.

Netflix can beat a few easy opponents but he is busy being trained at the gym, going to school, working,
and paying me back what he can in the Olympics. He can help you if it's just a few quick battles.

This means NOT for battling the Knutt Knight for Goals.

My pet Dave is available to help with any Goals requiring an Olympic pet. He also has a lot of aged minis for avvies.
He is Ultimate level but having said that he's still on the cheaper side of many trained pets.
If you borrow him he can give LOTS of aged minipet avvies.

Most of my pets are works in progress as I tend to focus on pet training rather than costumes,
and they've been changing lots to make me dna minis for the temple.
It's also possible I am indecisive and have comittment issues haha.
Someday they will look fabulous.
That's what I keep telling them anyways ;)

I am a friendly and fair player so always feel free to message or mail any game related questions,
but please keep in mind most of the time I'm here mindlessly clicking around watching Netflix or TV
or maybe just here to do a few dailies then get back to life.
I'm generally not a chatty person so please don't take offence if I don't carry on conversations unless I really know you.

NO, I really didn't hack my fitbit to play mara and watch GOT.
It's hard enough playing on our phones eh?

Have a fantastic day :)

Player for 17 years, 9 months & 12 daysJoined 2nd Oct 2006 18:49
Player for 17 years, 9 months & 12 days Joined 2nd Oct 2006 18:49

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