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Name: Leonie

Age: adult

Birthday: September 28th.

Likes: Pandora, Meez & Mooz & Dua (my cats), Movies/Series, Green, Reading, Alpaca, schottisch highlanders & Scentsy.

22nd Jun 2018 10:38.
Your username Kaisa has been changed to Sarisa.

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MoozMeez the Cursed Tasi
3 years, 8 months & 9 days OldBorn 14th Oct 2020 02:36

3 Years 8 Months Old
Level 3 Veterinarian earning MP185MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP235MP a day
Strength 10  Defence 4  Speed 4  Charisma 4  Language 4  Geography 4  Maths 10  Science 15  Sports 3  Books 8