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Lizzlie keeps track of all of the recent Price Changes that happen to all of the different Shops around Marada. Shopkeepers are constantly increasing and decreasing the MP, RP and BP prices they charge for their items and Lizzlie will let you be the first to know about them here.

You can also find out what items will soon be retiring from shops at the Retirement Planning.
Price Changes
Recent Weapons Price Changes
21st May 2022 12:19
MP391MP to MP386MP
16th May 2022 02:40
MP509MP to MP514MP
15th May 2022 17:19
MP696MP to MP694MP
10th May 2022 18:21
MP138MP to MP135MP
9th May 2022 01:37
MP3,707MP to MP3,710MP
8th May 2022 21:33
MP706MP to MP712MP
8th May 2022 18:59
MP898MP to MP897MP
7th May 2022 18:22
MP4,653MP to MP4,659MP
5th May 2022 20:45
MP680MP to MP679MP
4th May 2022 09:16
MP13,183MP to MP13,186MP
30th Apr 2022 19:14
MP138MP to MP136MP
29th Apr 2022 09:29
MP637MP to MP640MP
28th Apr 2022 17:56
MP796MP to MP795MP
28th Apr 2022 01:51
MP8,750MP to MP8,749MP
26th Apr 2022 02:58
MP7,123MP to MP7,129MP
23rd Apr 2022 04:44
MP696MP to MP691MP
22nd Apr 2022 14:17
MP5,268MP to MP5,270MP
21st Apr 2022 18:49
MP355MP to MP357MP
18th Apr 2022 18:39
MP928MP to MP923MP