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-- Resistance is Futile -- Greetings!

I'm fairly new to Mara, but have a good teacher to show me what to do, and where to go. You will notice that my store prices are updated daily. I also have several trade listings up (always accepting offers for MP/AU and items), as well as a gallery full of event items, just waiting to be utilized. Feel free to offer a trade if you find something you want/need!

Be advised "what do you want for this" mm's will be ignored. Do a little research, as I will do when I receive your offer. If there is not a set price listed for a trade lot, please send an offer and I will reply.

I am not currently engaging in loaning pets, or minipets.

JavannaLynn and I live together. I also log on from 2 different computers in my home. It's just dandy.
Player for 4 years, 6 months & 10 daysJoined 17th Sep 2015 14:43
-- Currently Re-Building MP Bank --
Player for 4 years, 6 months & 10 days Joined 17th Sep 2015 14:43

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