Heey there
I am EgeriaVirgo , or Egeria or Eggie for friends.
I am an adult player on marapets but I respect the litle things and minors on marapets.
I enjoy playing a game and I love to make new friends.
Currently I am working on my collections and restocking like crazy, so please bare with me befor I give a response atm might take a litle more time then normal .

I have a daughter and a husband they are not playing this game but it does not means they might not in the future.
My neighbour/friend does play. She sometimes loggs in on my computer or wifi to play on her tablet or phone.

@marastaff : My friend/neighbour Mamsi gave me a flying start, please dont bann us for that. Also I will be sending her yarns and minipets till june 2019 (ish) because she helped me out , so please dont bann us for that either
Player for 1 year & 26 daysJoined 8th Nov 2018 02:13
Player for 1 year & 26 daysJoined 8th Nov 2018 02:13
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