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Marapets is mobile friendly
SpirouTheDragon And then I saw a 19k one x.x
SpirouTheDragon 17,226MP You can work again in 3 hours
GoddessOfKaos Haha Yea I supposed it would Overalls
Overalls guys pro tip drinking 18 oz of water in an hour will make you hydrated but it will make your bladder suffer

 waterlogged asked the Editorial:
Is it possible to put the actual Marapets date on the clock in undying woods?
Sure - this has been added.
4 months, 22 days & 10 hrs ago 7th Sep 2019 22:54
 TheMIL asked the Editorial:
Could you arrange the Minipets on the plates page in alphabetical order.
Sure. Plates and Photos are now ordered by the Minipet/Pet in alphabetical order.
4 months, 22 days & 11 hrs ago 7th Sep 2019 22:47