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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Civ I'm just glad the page didn't time out I would've cried
Em i doubt itl ol
Civ Well I don't plan on playing now unless I fall out of top 3
Em well, it happened to others, they submitted a new score and their higher score dropped down to the most recent high score of the day

 waterlogged asked the Editorial:
Is it possible to put the actual Marapets date on the clock in undying woods?
Sure - this has been added.
4 months & 20 days ago 7th Sep 2019 22:54
 TheMIL asked the Editorial:
Could you arrange the Minipets on the plates page in alphabetical order.
Sure. Plates and Photos are now ordered by the Minipet/Pet in alphabetical order.
4 months & 20 days ago 7th Sep 2019 22:47