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David I used to use AOL then later MSN messenger to talk to my grandma XDXDXD
Equilor youve got mail!
Gingko My family only ever had this kind of internet but I've heard horror stories from my friends who still used dial up O_o

Help & Assistance
Royal Pet Loan
by TheDeathTouch at 18th Sep 2019 18:57
New Players
Coming back
by Articulate at 18th Sep 2019 19:46
Marapets Chat
Trading Nah
by ruemika at 18th Sep 2019 19:37
General Chat
Disney’s CGI remakes
by GRUMPYBOSTON at 18th Sep 2019 14:06
Random Chat
my intention isnt to be shady but like
by emoprinces at 18th Sep 2019 20:00
Restricted Chat
Silver Players & Higher
Level 25+
Price Check
by levelden at 18th Sep 2019 19:32
Notice Board
Anyone up for dramatic Role play ?
by meepkitty9 at 18th Sep 2019 19:56
who are your top 3 tv characters of all time
by Lion at 18th Sep 2019 18:20
Programming & Graphics
☪️ making custom blingees
by Em at 18th Sep 2019 16:54
Dress Up
🐝Campus Queen Bee🐝
by Liebe at 18th Sep 2019 19:48
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

Open a Pinata or Gift Bag and post what you got!
by at 22nd Sep 2017 21:10
Earn 250MP per post or topic


7 Sep 22:54

Goals Status
Blog by BriMarie
18 Sep 19:42:14

Looking To Borrow
Blog by BriMarie
18 Sep 19:31:00

Selfie Collection #1
Blog by LeiyL
18 Sep 14:26:04

Halloween Dolls
Blog by Candles
18 Sep 12:38:04

Can Walee and Osafo be breeded to make minipet?...
Blog by AKPOP1010
18 Sep 11:53:38

Rue } OC - Ethan Valentine
Blog by ruemika
18 Sep 11:31:12

Great Happenings on Marapets
Blog by LoreneGo
18 Sep 10:38:45

Pets I would really love
Blog by Jerrica
18 Sep 09:24:31

My Marapets goals
Blog by Jerrica
18 Sep 09:06:38

I miss home.
Blog by cakenis
18 Sep 01:32:50

Blog by Promiscuous
17 Sep 22:17:10

Win of the Day
Blog by swtrvng9
17 Sep 13:09:32

Tarquin #2 Completion!
Blog by Serious
17 Sep 06:40:05

Current Goals Progress
Blog by Drifloon
16 Sep 21:41:13

Fleek Pokemon
Blog by Sapphire77
16 Sep 18:59:52

Current CM Prizes needed
Blog by Jgbcgirl
16 Sep 18:45:44

Four Corners
in 11 minutes
210,533MP Prize

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