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*Welcome to the Pets subforum! You may use this subforum to discuss and trade marapets.

Topics asking to borrow/loan pets for Mission/Goals do not belong here. Please use the Mission, goals and quests forum.

Rules about posting:

-You may not double post in this subforum!
*Pet giveaways belong in the giveaways forum. Any boards in here giving away pets will be deleted.

Rules about pets and trading them:

*No A/R/B topics.
*No training, whirlpooling, or portalling other peoples' pets. This includes school, university, jobs, temples, gym, and elite gym.
*No trying to trade a pet that is not yours
*No godparents or mara-wills for your pets.
*No made to order pets or name it yourself pets. If you want to trade a pet, it must already be made before you put it up for trade. This includes offering to costume or rename a pet being offered for trade.

*All general forum rules apply in this forum. For general forum rules please see
*You should only report posts that break the forum rules. Anyone caught falsely reporting posts will be punished. This includes reporting your own boards to be removed by staff.
*No being rude to new members that don't understand the principles of trading or the values of pets.
*No having multiple topics up at the same time about the same thing. Example: "Trading Ercuw" and "No offers yet???"
*It is ok for people to post to discuss their pets/new pets, they do not have to be trading.

What admins will do/not do about pets:

*Admins will not get you a pet off of a banned account. This includes any pets you might have owned on a banned account or pets you gave away or traded to a now banned account.
*All pet trades are final. Admins will not reverse a pet trade for you in the event you accidentally trade. You may contact the new owner of your pets once to politely ask for a retrade, but if the other person says no you are not to harass him or her about it.
*You may report inappropriately named pets by sending in a support ticket. Please do not make topics with links to the profiles of these pets.

Rules about auctions:

*Non-LE pets may only be bought or sold for mps when using Pet Auctions. Pets cannot be bought, sold or traded for items or mp in any other way. This includes selling a costume that is on a pet, and trading a pet for a pet potion. Pets may ONLY be traded for other pets.
*You may not arrange a sale of a pet to another player using Forums, Maramail or any other communication before placing the pet in Pet Auctions. If you are found to be selling a pet in any way other than Pet Auctions the pet will be removed from your account and frozen.

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Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Cheapest LE Atm? Kelbur23 2 16th Jun 2019 01:42
~+ ENCHANTED PLUSHIES AVAILABLE TO BORROW +~ keannacierra 0 16th Jun 2019 00:57
Uggghhh... I can't decide! [Which type of pet?] Jazzified 15 15th Jun 2019 23:02
Taking offers on Gnaw _Ammen_ 3 15th Jun 2019 21:53
Looking for stats, name doesn't matter Cryptography 4 15th Jun 2019 19:27
Trading Deca + Underwater Quell Brunette 11 15th Jun 2019 19:25
🐩🐾🐾🐾 steal a pet 👀 Choke 1,319 15th Jun 2019 19:14
Trading CRN/Ws Tipper49 2 15th Jun 2019 17:48
Looking for a bucket-load of Figaros for a ROFLING twigs 5 15th Jun 2019 16:15
Trading statted Rofling + Candy Raulf Ky 0 15th Jun 2019 14:03
List of available real words/cool (short) names Jaw 129 15th Jun 2019 13:55
I Need Help Kina 1 15th Jun 2019 13:27
Looking for a statted non-le offering Le Foot 2 15th Jun 2019 13:10
Looking for raulf swap! inesegu 2 15th Jun 2019 11:43
Emotional Attachment collinschill 12 15th Jun 2019 11:36
Read before trading for Rofling: Temple now <20M Editor 34 15th Jun 2019 10:43
What kind of stats could I get for a stated deca? Christy 2 15th Jun 2019 09:48
Looking for ike or mordo Ferniio 0 15th Jun 2019 09:27
Favourite pet NAME Grumpycat 300 15th Jun 2019 08:46
Great pet in auctions!! Daze 0 15th Jun 2019 04:45
Offering LE for a Villain Fasoro! Pippenella 19 15th Jun 2019 03:40
Kia // Seeking Baby Chibs Kaili_ 0 14th Jun 2019 21:01
Need ideas on pets type for name: Makaia Darko 1 14th Jun 2019 20:31
DOES ANYONE HAVE A MUTANT HUTHIQ gunk 4 14th Jun 2019 19:11
Taking offers on Owns & Vets. Nafre 7 14th Jun 2019 14:08
Would anyone like to trade pets? irishrose 0 14th Jun 2019 14:07
Pets for trade! Straya, nino, rusty, lati, viotto, Bread 3 14th Jun 2019 13:05
Will poza die already! Foot 8 14th Jun 2019 12:59
Do relatively high but uneven stats auction well? Allister 2 14th Jun 2019 12:53
Limax Swap? carrillx 1 14th Jun 2019 12:30
Statted Rofling for trade Draco 10 14th Jun 2019 12:05
Crackshot has changed into envycosplay 8 14th Jun 2019 10:06
How would I go about trading Daze 4 14th Jun 2019 08:49
Trading WN LE bmfWednesday 0 14th Jun 2019 08:28
What are my pets worth? bmfWednesday 3 14th Jun 2019 07:39
trading all Isaac 0 14th Jun 2019 02:49
Taking offers on some nice pets~ Wick 13 13th Jun 2019 20:33
Swapping limax for limax Akagi 0 13th Jun 2019 17:50
Alik is now wearing ---- Costume Minipet 3 13th Jun 2019 17:17
PummykinPumpkin is now a........ Purrrr 6 13th Jun 2019 16:09
LE's, STATS, NAMES plus more Aus 5 13th Jun 2019 15:02
Anyone have a straya of any kind? Trading Idabel Frolic 2 13th Jun 2019 12:04
Fat limax Extronic 4 13th Jun 2019 11:59
The Name Soloman Frolic 1 13th Jun 2019 11:28
It's a Girl! - Meet Shizuuka the Baby Snookle MettatonEX 16 13th Jun 2019 11:22
Looking for a fat pet carrillx 2 13th Jun 2019 09:04
Trading 2 LE's, Restricted, and two goal pets. Ian72 2 13th Jun 2019 08:49
Seeking an Eyru DrKay 5 13th Jun 2019 08:07
Are any of my pets worth a Chibs? irishrose 6 13th Jun 2019 05:18
URGENT: Costuming Snookle to Calico for FREE Beez 3 13th Jun 2019 05:13

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