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Biala Mountain
Biala being the home of Santa, Christmas is really important. Blitzen is one of Santa's reindeers and he needs your help to get enough items in time for Christmas. Viottos work for Santa too, and therefore the pet species is limited. If you can help Blitzen and complete his 30 missions he will reward you greatly. Blitzen will give you a mission every day, as long as you haven't already completed another mission in the same day. You will need to collect a certain item for him within a certain time limit. At level 1, all items asked for will be rarity 1 - upto level 30 where all items asked for will be rarity 30. He usually asks you to collect just one item, however he can ask for up to 3. If you fail to bring any of them, you will have to start again.
Completed Level of 30

Complete more Missions

Blitzen's Grotto can ask for these items on Level 17
1337 The Movie
Addese Poop
Addimo Poop
Addoro Poop
Addoth Poop
Addow Poop
Addup Poop
Agatha Poop
Alen Poop
Alyee Poop
Amber Infused Megadrill
Amethyst Infused Megadrill
Andy Poop
Angel Fasoro Plushie
Angel Tasi Photo
Angel Vixen Photo
Ant Poop
Anubis Poop
Anuriah Poop
Aphid Poop
Apollo Poop
Apophis Poop
Applex Poop
Aqua Yuni Plushie
Aqua Zoink Plushie
Arasi Poop
Arcade Fairy Video Game
Arinya Full Health Tonic
Arinya Poop
Aristocorn Poop
Arso Poop
Art Concoction
Artist Gumball
Ash Honey
Astro Full Health Tonic
Astro Poop
Ata Poop
Aura Poop
Autumn Poop
Autumn Sindi Plushie
Avalon Poop
Azeido Poop
Azint Poop
Azlian Poop
Azow Poop
Azubi Poop
Azul Poop
Azulor Poop
Bablah Poop
Baby Ercuw Photo
Baby Hump Photo
Baby Huthiq Photo
Baby Knutt Photo
Baby Quell Photo
Baby Renat Photo
Bacon Poop
Baline Poop
Ball of Native Yarn
Ball of Negative Yarn
Ball of Plushie Yarn