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You can buy giftbox items for Account Upgrade credits. You can use Giftbox items to unlock new features, benefits and services that improve your Marapets experience. You can find out what each giftbox does at the Giftbox Shop. You can buy AU Credits from the Account Upgrades page. The Seasonal Fairy rewards you for items in your Giftbox Collection.

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xintilla has collected 56 of 73 Giftboxes

Arcade Giftbox

Archeology Giftbox

Attic Giftbox

Battle Giftbox

Bingo Giftbox

Bootleg Pyramid Giftbox

Clothing Rack Giftbox

Double Crystals Giftbox

Double Diamonds Giftbox

Double Hieroglyphics Giftbox

Double Scholarships Giftbox

Double Worms Giftbox

Drew Giftbox

Dukka Dash Giftbox

Elite Gym Giftbox

Enchanted Plushie Machine Giftbox

Ferris Wheel Giftbox

Fishing Giftbox

Gym Giftbox

Ice Caves Giftbox

Kamilah Pyramid Giftbox

Magazine Stand Giftbox

Missing Food Giftbox

Missing Learnable Giftbox

Missing Photo Giftbox

Missing Plate Giftbox

Missing Plushies Giftbox

Missing Transformations Giftbox

Missing Wardrobe Giftbox

Missions Giftbox

Monthly Checklist Giftbox

Multiple Pet Olympics Giftbox

News Stand Giftbox

Nutty Tree Giftbox

Olympics Giftbox

Operations Portal Giftbox

Photo Parlour Giftbox

Pixie Dice Giftbox

Poison Pit Giftbox

Price Order Giftbox

Puny Pyramid Giftbox

Quests Giftbox

Resort Giftbox

School Giftbox

Sewer Pipes Giftbox

Shop Pricer Giftbox

Telescope Giftbox

Transmogrification Repeat Giftbox

Trash Heap Giftbox

University Giftbox

Vortex Park Reservoir Giftbox

Wardrobe Selfie Giftbox

Webcam Giftbox

Wonky Pyramid Giftbox

Worm Digging Giftbox

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