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Dukka Caves
The Pirate Mafia has control over all of the Pirates around Dukka Caves and Dukka Town. They receive free stolen loot and items from around Marada, in return for protection. The Pirate Mafia needs items that are only on sale for Dukka Coins. This Pirate Mafia needs your help. They want items on sale around Dukka Caves, Dukka Town and Marada for Dukka Coins. He has 30 different missions for you, each harder than the last. If you fail to bring any of the items, you will have to start again.
Completed Level of 30
Pirate Mafia

Complete more Missions

Pirate Mafia can ask for these items on Level 30
Ball of Digital Yarn
Bootleg Costume
Death Spell Book
Devil Pearl
Digital Pearl
Digital Spell Book
Dukka Bomberang
Enchanted Random Plushie
Encyclopedia Z
Grey DNA
Iolan Trading Card
Long Calico Cat Hoodie
Orange DNA
Pirate Ship Stamp
Plant Costume
Robot Pearl
Staff of the Dark
Tomato Pearl
Werewolf Wig
Witch Wig
Wizard Glowing Egg

If you add the Missions Giftbox to your collection, you will be able to use Pirate Mafia every 6 hours instead of every 12 hours - for life!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect