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Lizzlie keeps track of all of the recent Price Changes that happen to all of the different Shops around Marada. Shopkeepers are constantly increasing and decreasing the MP, RP and BP prices they charge for their items and Lizzlie will let you be the first to know about them here.

You can also find out what items will soon be retiring from shops at the Retirement Planning.
Price Changes
Recent Stamps Price Changes
25th Jan 2020 16:03
MP9,000MP to MP9,002MP
25th Jan 2020 04:27
MP1,922MP to MP1,921MP
24th Jan 2020 06:03
MP5,973MP to MP5,976MP
24th Jan 2020 04:30
MP1,247MP to MP1,250MP
20th Jan 2020 19:40
MP1,298MP to MP1,296MP
19th Jan 2020 07:42
MP174MP to MP176MP
18th Jan 2020 18:38
MP4,157MP to MP4,156MP
18th Jan 2020 02:36
MP798MP to MP794MP
16th Jan 2020 22:31
MP215MP to MP213MP
16th Jan 2020 08:41
MP8,195MP to MP8,198MP
15th Jan 2020 03:56
MP3,686MP to MP3,683MP
12th Jan 2020 14:43
MP146MP to MP141MP
12th Jan 2020 00:39
MP134MP to MP132MP
10th Jan 2020 10:53
MP2,694MP to MP2,690MP
8th Jan 2020 13:20
MP408MP to MP413MP
8th Jan 2020 00:35
MP1,005MP to MP1,004MP
7th Jan 2020 09:55
MP1,151MP to MP1,154MP
6th Jan 2020 21:37
MP521MP to MP516MP
31st Dec 2019 09:18
MP1,682MP to MP1,679MP
30th Dec 2019 16:47
MP3,096MP to MP3,101MP
30th Dec 2019 06:25
MP217MP to MP215MP
29th Dec 2019 20:51
MP513MP to MP515MP
28th Dec 2019 10:50
MP6,037MP to MP6,033MP
27th Dec 2019 08:56
MP1,055MP to MP1,053MP