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    Posted on : 12th Aug 2008 09:30   Posted by : marafan122
    You ask me why I want to quit READ THIS

    Marapets is turning into complete chaos. Tens of hundreds of people are quitting Marapets becuase it wasn't the way it used to be. Many people are being banned now days. Topics are reported daily and people have no common sense. Why?

    Many people are quitting Marapets because of bratty little kids annoying members for amusement. These nine year olds are reporting topics, "tattling" on people for no reason, and annoying fellow players. These kids do not know how to spell and get on peoples nerves.
    Cases are common now days where little kids get on marapets and say they are someone famous in the wrong forum. Many of the people don't believe the kids and the kid gets annoyed whenever someone says "wrong forum," but it is true. They irritate us for no reason.

    Also, many people are leaving this website because of so many mispelled words and "stalkers." Other younger players will follow around a person and bother them. One person quit Marapets becuase a child was following them to every club they went to, mailed them hundreds of times, and annoyed them on their own topics. The worst part of them being on a person's topic is that these little kids misspell so many words and use chatspeak. Most members get tired of seeing sentences like "r u tere?"

    Lastly, many of them members hate how inexperienced newbies will come ot this website and offer the crappiest trades. Or worse, beg for the pet. Members get fed up with "o plz plz plz plz kan i haf ur pet! il trad my doyle 4 ur fanty!" We spend our time working for our pet and all you can offer is some stupid pet with a bad name! Go work for a pet yourself!

    This is why Marapets is crumbling. So many people are quitting because of things that annoy them so much. Soon, Marapets will be a game for younger kids that don't know anything. Please stop your nonsense and play the game how many people intended it to be!
    Just too far, now alot of of good players are quiting, recently Kingdom~Hearts is planning to leave us...I'm so sick of seeing bad-named non-les in pet trades with the owners asking for chibs or latis or high-les. When will they ever learn?

    What will we do if mara is now just full of newbies and stuff? It'll be impossible to trade pets or do anything really....

    Go to Allgirls999 Playfulkittencat's and Libertychick13's blog. Copy and paste this to your blog if you agree with me.

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