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City of Marada
There are many different types of item, avatar or experience sets for you or your pets to collect. Once collected they cannot be removed. The more that you collect, the more you will be Rewarded.

The Homeless Fairy rewards your pets based on the Newspapers they have read. There are many other Collections that you can complete for even more Rewards.

Homeless Fairy

View more features that Reward you
Only 50 Newspapers for
150 Newspapers
250 Newspapers
350 Newspapers
400 Newspapers
450 Newspapers
550 Newspapers
600 Newspapers
650 Newspapers
775 Newspapers
825 Newspapers
Hobo Tunic
850 Newspapers
875 Newspapers
Hobo Beanie
900 Newspapers
925 Newspapers
975 Newspapers
Loser Blues
1,025 Newspapers
1,125 Newspapers
1,175 Newspapers
Stray Cats
1,200 Newspapers
Hobo Shirt
1,225 Newspapers
1,300 Newspapers
1,400 Newspapers
1,500 Newspapers
1,600 Newspapers
1,700 Newspapers
1,750 Newspapers
Strength, Defence Speed Stats
1,800 Newspapers
1,850 Newspapers
Coordination, Stamina Balance Stats
1,900 Newspapers
2,000 Newspapers
2,100 Newspapers