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This fairy was once a budding fashionista and newspaper reporter, until he lost everything when Zetzilla attacked. Forced onto the streets, he's just trying to find his next big story to get him back in the limelight. He rewards pets who have read lots of Newspapers these prizes he has lying around.

NOTE - you are rewarded only once per pet. Trading for a pet with a high Newspaper list will NOT give you the prizes if they have already been rewarded.

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Newspapers Prize
50 25,000MP
100 Perfectly Good Pizza
150 50,000MP
200 Homeless Fairy Potato
250 75,000MP
300 Smelly Booster
350 100,000MP
400 Imaginos
450 125,000MP
500 Homeless Fairy Doll
550 150,000MP
600 Stray
650 175,000MP
700 Staff of the Homeless Fairy
750 Newspaper Seedling
775 200,000MP
800 Tattered Gloves
825 Hobo Tunic
850 225,000MP
875 Hobo Beanie
900 Monocle
925 250,000MP
950 Stray Plushie
975 Loser Blues
1,000 Homeless Face Makeup
1,025 275,000MP
1,050 Homeless Cupcake
1,075 Homeless Fairy Stamp
1,100 Homeless Fairy Wig
1,125 300,000MP
1,150 Homeless Fairy Wings
1,175 Stray Cats
1,200 Hobo Shirt
1,225 325,000MP
1,250 Homeless Fairy Glowing Egg
1,300 330,000MP
1,350 Burnt Potato Chips
1,400 340,000MP
1,450 Homeless Fairy Trading Card
1,500 350,000MP
1,550 Homeless Fairy Game
1,600 360,000MP
1,650 Homeless Fairy Photo
1,700 370,000MP
1,750 5 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for your Pet
1,800 380,000MP
1,850 5 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for your Pet
1,900 390,000MP
1,950 Fake Hobo Costume
2,000 400,000MP
2,050 Homeless Fairy Sugar Cube
2,100 500,000MP

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