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Far away from the hustle and bustle of mainland Marada, surrounded by the sparkling waters of the maradan river sits Minipet Island, a tropical paradise world. As you browse the many shops and stroll past the golden beaches you'll notice many marapets relaxing after a hard day's training at the gym to prepare for battle. Be careful you don't trip over any minipets though - the little critters are everywhere here! Maybe you should stop by the minipet shop and take a couple home with you.
 Battle Arena
Fight trading card opponents in the battle arena that you have collected to earn BP.
Buy these booster items and use them on your pet to increase their stats.
Buy clothes for dress up dolls at this shop.
Complete the Fishing Treasure Map and you can go fishing for free.
Complete goals related to Minipet Island and receive a prize at each level.
Train your pets at the gym for battle arena and olympics success.
Complete the 30 levels of the hospice mission to receive a limited edition Crikey pet.
Buy a minipet for your pet to take care of from this shop.
 Minipet Colours
View a list of all minipets and the colours they are available in here.
 Mini Fairy
The Mini Fairy rewards you for the number of plates in your plate collection.
 Minipet Food
Buy jars of minipet food that you need from this shop.
 Native Fairy
The Native Fairy rewards you for the number of treasure maps you have completed.
 Pet Exchange
Use the Pet Exchange to send your pet safely to another player's account.
Take your minipets for a vacation at this luxury resort and receive a souvenir plate.
Buy seeds from this shop to plant and grow an organic minipet.
 Treasure Maps
This shop sells pieces of treasure maps. Complete all pieces of a map for rewards.
 War Redemption Shop
Visit the war redemption shop to buy items during any war events we run on the site.

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