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Please do not maramail me and ask me what I want for my trades, I will not reply. If there is a price listed i may take less but be reasonable please. If not do your research and tell me what you think it is worth. (same for Pet Trades)
Gallery- Yes some things are for sale. If I ask you for an offer and it is fair, I still don't have to take it. NOT EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE.
Anything Else- I don't want to be your girlfriend. I don't really want to just talk for fun. If I know you it is a different story. But please no chat Maramails. NO CLUB INVITES!
My Account is as old as Calypso420. She is my very first pet. I have accomplished alot on here.


Staff!!! Prophet and I live together!!

ZNS465 the Balloon Poera
11 years, 11 months & 7 days OldBorn 12th Oct 2008 15:19

Level 5 Journalist earning MP500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP575MP a day
Level 15  Speed 30  Charisma 7  Language 30  History 15  Geography 12  CDs 7  DVDs 1  Books 15  Stamina 2  Humanities 1  Computer Science 1  Sociology 1