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  • Missing Buyable Clothing Swap

    Posted on : 1st Jul 2019 23:47   Posted by : Sauce
    Missing Buyable Clothing items:

    Chibs Doll
    Cuddly Pillow
    Halloween Candy Bag
    Jessup Doll
    Magical Girl Staff
    Pharaoh Staff
    Spring Basket
    Tea Cup
    Tray of Cookies
    Valentines Handbag
    Hypnosis Glasses
    Back Head Hair Extension
    Amy Pumps
    Antoinette Wig
    Athletic Bikini
    Athletic Bikini Top
    Autumn Shawl
    Avatar Skin
    Bandeau Top
    Beat It Belt
    Bee Wings
    Black Bow Easter Dress
    Bow Boots
    Bow Shawl
    Bun Wig
    Butterfly Belt
    Butterfly Cut Dress
    Butterfly Flower Crown
    Butterfly Hair Clip
    Butterfly Silk Dress
    Canada Shirt
    Candycane Hair Clip
    Caroler Shawl
    Caroler Top
    Carol Singing Vest
    Casual Sleeve Top
    Check Price
    Check Price
    Check Price
    Check Price
    Check Price
    Classy Heels
    Colonial Bonnet
    Colonial Side Sweep Wig
    Colonial Skirt
    Corn and Pumpkins
    Cracked Skin
    Cross Necklace
    Cupcake Bib
    Cupcake Bow
    Cute Bangs Hair Extension
    Cutout Leggings
    Dawn Butterfly Wing Wig
    Dawn Pearl Crescent Wings
    Dawn Queen Butterfly Wings
    Daylight Fairy Top
    Diamond Ring
    DNA Shirt
    Doll Eye Mascara
    Doughnut Necklace
    Dragonfly Wings
    Dramatic Eye Liner
    Dryad Hair Extension
    Dryad Locks
    Dukka Coin Skirt
    Dusk Butterfly Skirt
    Easter Blazer
    Easter Curls Wig
    Elf Belt
    Elf Hat
    Floaty Tank Top
    Flower Belt
    Flower Pannel Skirt
    Flower Petal Skirt
    Fluffy Hair Extension
    Forest Loops
    Freya 01
    Freya 03
    Frilly Necklace
    Frilly Skirt
    Gamer Dress
    Gentle Eye Shadow
    Ghost Hoodie
    Gothic Corset
    Halloween Corset
    Head Sweatband
    Heartfelt Belt
    Heartfelt Boots
    Heartfelt Jacket
    Heartfelt Suspenders
    Heartfelt Sweater
    Heartfelt Top
    Hip Wings
    Holly Vest
    Huthiq Contact Lenses
    Huthiq Hat
    Hypnosis Glasses
    Ice Crown
    Ice Skater Dress
    I Heart Clover Shades
    Insert Coin Tank Top
    Iridescent Butterfly Wing Wig
    Iridescent Luna Moth Wings
    Iridescent Morpho Butterfly Wings
    Iridescent Pearl Crescent Wings
    Irish Curls Wig
    Irish Tunic
    Jester Shoes
    Krampus Beanie
    Krampus Contact Lenses
    Krampus Horns
    Krampus Sweater
    Krampus Tail
    Leprechaun Pants
    Loner Hoodie
    Lucky Clover Sequin Vest
    Lunar Belly Ring
    Lunar Forehead Gem
    Mini Candycorn Witch Hat
    Mini Hat
    Minipet Island Hat
    MJ Sunglasses
    Morpho Butterfly Wings
    Mossy Forest Loops
    Murfin Costume
    Nardo Shoes
    Neck Bow
    Obese Fairy Earrings
    Obese Fairy Wig
    Octopus Top
    Oily Skin
    Olympic Dress
    Peach Noir Wig
    Pearl Crescent Wings
    Petal Skirt
    Philippines Shirt
    Pig Tails Hair Extension
    Pirate Dress
    Pizza Bib
    Plain Butterfly Wing Wig
    Plain Scarf
    Pleather Jacket
    Plushie Dress
    Plushie Fairy Bracelet
    Pollen Dusted Contact Lenses
    Popstar Scarf
    Popstar Shirt
    Pop Sweater
    Puff Mittens
    Puny Bandana
    Rainbow Gloves
    Rainbow Sloped Sweater
    Regal Skirt
    Ring of Fire
    Ripped Jean Shorts
    Rose Arch
    Rose Eye Patch
    Ruby Forehead Gem
    Rusty Costume
    Sand King Wig
    Sandy Waves Wig
    See Through Skirt
    Shaman Necklace
    Shamrock Hair Bow
    Short Butterfly Skirt
    Short Dusk Butterfly Skirt
    Short Freya Wig
    Sick Arinya T Shirt
    Sick Chibs T Shirt
    Sick Crindol T Shirt
    Sick Daisy T Shirt
    Sick Dakota T Shirt
    Sick Echlin T Shirt
    Sick Ercuw T Shirt
    Sick Gobble T Shirt
    Sick Gonk T Shirt
    Sick Ideus T Shirt
    Sick Jessup T Shirt
    Sick Kidlet T Shirt
    Sick Kronk T Shirt
    Sick Rofling T Shirt
    Sick Tantua T Shirt
    Sick Zoosh T Shirt
    Side Bangs Hair Extension
    Side Curl Wig
    Silver Necklace
    Single Bun Wig
    Skull Skirt
    Snowman Hat
    Spade Earrings
    Spade Shirt
    Spain Shirt
    Splatter Top
    St Patricks Day Wig
    Straight Bob Cut Wig
    Striped Top
    Sweetheart Swoop Wig
    Swirl Scarf
    Teasing Nymph Leaves
    Thorn Horns
    Thorny Wig
    Wasp Dress
    White Bow Easter Dress
    White Noir Wig
    White Split Bra
    Winter Fence
    Wooden Skin
    Yakubi Mask
    Yuni Head Horn
    Ziranek Hat
    Zoink Mask

    Items I am willing to swap more missing items above (will swap multiple to make up for value):
    Compiling List

    Clothing Item Swap-Socks

    Posted on : 1st Jul 2019 23:08   Posted by : Sauce
    Socks I need:
    Cat Stockings
    Diamond Stockings
    Fancy Fishnet Stockings
    Kimono Socks
    Reverse Dripping Socks
    Sporty Socks
    Extremely Hairy Socks
    Hairy Socks
    Ripped Stockings

    Socks I have to trade:
    Angry Socks
    Big Socks
    Black and Yellow Tennis Socks
    Blue and Brown Tennis Socks
    Bone Socks
    Christmas Socks
    Clubs Socks
    Diamonds Socks
    Egg Socks
    Egg Stockings
    Fake Sandal Socks
    Female Socks
    Figaro Print Socks
    Fish Bone Socks
    Fluffy Socks
    Game SOcks
    Grey and Green Tennis Socks
    Left Sock
    Love Heart Socks
    Male Socks
    Mara Socks
    Mismatched Socks
    Moustache Socks
    Pastel Rose Socks
    Pikaboo Socks
    Rainbow Socks
    Red and Yellow Tennis Socks
    Right Sock
    Rose Socks
    Shamrock Tights
    Skull Socks
    Spades Socks
    Thick Striped Socks
    Unicorn Socks

    Will swap multiple for 1 pair of socks to make it the same value if need be.

    For My Record 2

    Posted on : 10th May 2018 21:59   Posted by : Sauce

    Bug Ercuw
    Coral Ercuw
    Scout Ercuw

    Best enchanted plushie grab

    Posted on : 8th May 2018 17:05   Posted by : Sauce


    All needed mini avvies

    Posted on : 4th May 2018 14:27   Posted by : Sauce
    Aged Minipets:

    Ata-Attach to pet 22 day
    Bacon-Attach to pet 160 days
    Batty- 170+ days
    Beach- 11+ days
    Blake-22 days+
    Boris-31+ days
    Butters-41+ days
    Buzzy-51+ days bee pet
    Chevron-Attach a Chevron to your pet for 220+ days then view the minipet.
    Christmas- 200+ days
    Chuckles-16+ days
    Clovite-20+ days leprechaun pet
    Crabs-26 days
    Crush-50+ days Valentine pet
    Daniel-780+ days
    Dantiz-1000+ days
    Delayed-820+ days
    Delayed-820+ days
    Devil-250+ days
    Diamond-80+ days
    Drenched-62+ days
    Drowsy-176 days
    drab-56 days
    Eggy-590+ days
    Ember-110 days
    Experiment 667- Aged 40+ days
    Fang-10+ days
    Flobberbat-1100+ days
    Floss-580+ days
    Fluffy-200+ days
    Frolan-10+ days frostier pet
    Gingerbread:120+ days
    Gobby-400+ days
    High-230+ days
    Hodge-251+ days
    Holly-277+ days
    Jacko-940+ days
    Jezebel-470+ days
    Jinn-7+ days
    Klik-40+ days
    Leprechaun-230+ days
    Leto-309+ days
    Lidge-950+ days
    Lovebug-10+ days on love pet
    Lucent-260+ days
    Lucifer- 200+ days on devil pet
    Lucky-Christmas Pet 99+ days
    Maddox- 85+ days
    Moneybag-96+ days
    Myer-106+ days
    Nerd-450+ days
    Peiko-500+ days
    Pingi-75+ days
    Pinkal-270+ days
    Plug-50+ days
    Plynx-520+ days
    Pongin- 700+ days
    Prancer- 127+ days
    Princess - 240+ days
    Psyclone- Funky pet 30+ days
    Pumkin-980+ days
    Pumpkin Ed-1050+ days
    Pyri-90+ days
    Reaper-139+ days
    Sk8er-850+ days
    Snoween-300+ days
    Snowman-130+ days
    Sphinx-166+ days
    Stitch-167+ days
    Tokem-60+ days
    Tres-440+ days
    vampry-1020+ days
    Wallet-196 days
    Yule- Seasonal Pet 99+ days
    Zorg-351+ days
    Ember-110 days

    Plate Minipets:

    Chuckle-Make Plate
    Chubular-Make Plate
    Clover-Make Plate
    Dragoth-Make Plate
    Egbert-make plate
    Frolic-Random from plate
    Gargrunt-Make Plate
    Meepo-Random Plate
    Minti-Random Plate
    Mr Rabbit-Plate
    Neemi- Plate
    Nimble-Random Plate
    Nuttler-Random Plate
    Poani-Random Plate
    Pumpkin Wiz-Plate
    Reginald-Plate Random
    Rupper- Plate
    Sassy- Plate
    Skramp-Random Plate
    Snixie-Random Plate
    Snowel-Random Plate
    Sunny-Random Plate
    Totette-Random Plate
    Toxic-Random Plate
    Tubby-Random Plate
    Splish- Summer Chest
    Solaroo-Random Plate
    Verano- Plate
    Harmoni-Plate Random

    Random Minipet Avatars:

    Chamelon-Rainbow Fairy 100 away
    Dino-Hector 27
    Dune-Buy from spy shop
    eFall- put in gallery and view it
    Fiestan-Pay your Taxes for 180 days to the Sultan to Claim the Fiestan Prize.
    Flayee-Get from POG
    Floof-Attach floof to hairy pet
    Flutterbull-Receive a Flutterbull minipet when opening a Taurus Treasure Chest.
    Gazillionaire:Buy form Antique Shop
    Glitch-Attach to Arcade Deca and view
    Gruffle-400 Coordination
    Iggy-Buy from olympics shop
    Kissy-Love Chest
    Kuork-Search Kuork on the slow shop search when you have one for sale in your shop for 500,000mp.
    Laiyee-view attached to pet need 5
    Maestro-Harmony Chest
    Maeven-Maeven to midnight pet
    Mina-Pisces Chest
    Mistake-Sewer Struggle
    Napoleons-10 in gallery
    Nesasio-attach and view
    Otus-200 University Stats
    Pat-Pat to Leprechaun pet
    Patrick-View Patrick attached to leperchaun pet
    Piggy-Buy from Rapunzel
    Plague- Attach to basil and view it
    Polar-Attach to polar pet
    Ra-Desert Goals
    Rweek-Buy from usershop
    Scrooge-1mp in someones shop buy
    Shilpy-22 eleka goals
    Silver-Buy from Slater Stalker
    Slymol-City Sewers Goals
    Snuggles= Attach to polar pet
    Springo-attach to easter pet
    Sprite-Virgo Chest
    Toppy-Steampunk Chest
    Turkieye- Attach to Gobble Pet
    Tut-Attach to Desert Pet
    Tween - King Loyalty Prizes
    Twinkle- Attach to sparkle pet
    Twins -Gemini Chest
    Zounds- view your shop when you have 2 zounds for sale at 500k each

    Tut-desert h
    Turkieye-Gobble h
    Springo-Easter h
    Polar-Polar h
    Plague-Basil h
    Patrick-Leprechaun h
    Maeven-Maeven to midnight pet
    Glitch-Attach to Arcade Deca and view
    Floof-Attach floof to hairy pet


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