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  • Astronomical's Halloween Snowman Questing Contest

    Posted on : 22nd Oct 2019 20:59   Posted by : Worse
    For members in Astronomical only. Any comments made by non-club members will be deleted.

    Uh oh. Snowman took halloween a wee bit too far again this year. It's like he's a man with two faces!

    Anyways... time for another Maraween coinciding event!!! A Halloween Snowman questing contest!
    Enjoy, check the deets below! Wide Grin

    1. To sign up, comment your starting starting scores at the bottom. You may guestimate to a fair degree, since the event started before I could get the blog open.
    DO NOT abuse the guestimation to get a higher unfair score. If anyone is caught, this will result in an automatic removal from the event.

    2. You will have until 23:59MST November 10th so submit your ending scores on this blog.
    There will be several reminders after Halloween snowman ends (23:59MST November 6), so there will be no late submissions.

    3. As always, members are allowed to help others if they want to.

    4. Have spooky fun!!!






    Astronomical's Character ToT Costume Giveaway

    Posted on : 17th Oct 2019 13:59   Posted by : Worse
    For members in the club Astronomical only. Any comments made by non-club members will be deleted.

    Boys and girls of every age
    Wouldn't you like to see something strange?
    Come with me and you will see...
    Yayy!!! Wide Grin

    This is an annual club event to encourage everyone to participate in the Maraween Character Trick or Treat Event!

    Check the rules and details below, folks.

    1. Sign up period is until 23:59MST October 24

    2. Priority is given to those who need a costume based on the 2018 approved list.
    Prizes are first come first serve.

    3. The prize list is based off the 2018 Character ToT Approved List
    Astronomical is NOT responsible for buying a costume if the one you win is not approved this year. List near bottom of the blog.

    4. To sign up, comment on this blog:
    a) "Flyleaf - What's This?" if you do NOT have a costume from the 2018 list
    b) "Panic! At The Disco - This is Halloween" if you DO have a costume from the 2018 list

    5. Don't bother lying. The wardrobes will be checked before the winners are announced.

    6. Winners will be chosen via random.org

    7. Have fun!

    Beelzebub Costume, Vintage Witch Costume, Vintage Devil Costume, Vintage Pumpkin Costume, Pumpkin Costume, Dracula Costume, Black Skeleton Costume, Vintage Werewolf Costume, Lycanthrope Costume, Corpse Costume, Deceased Costume, Vintage Halloween Snowman Costume, Halloween Snowman Costume, Nefarious Fairy Costume, Nefarious Cloak Costume, Mutated Costume, Speechless Ghost Costume, Evil Ghost Costume, Grim Reaper Costume, Graveyard Keeper Costume, Supergirl Costume, Criminal Costume, Gremlin Costume, Sinner Costume, Teenage Sorcerer Costume, Teenage Witch Costume, Superboy Costume, Zombie Fairy Costume, Ghost Captain Costume, Ghost Pirate Costume, Mr Skeleton Costume, Mrs Skeleton Costume, Undead Bride Costume, Undead Groom Costume, Bloody Barber Costume, Loose Mummy Costume, Tight Mummy Costume, Red Death Costume, Black Death Costume, Frankenstein Bride Costume, Frankenstein Costume, Nurse Costume, Doctor Costume, School Uniform Costume, Headless Horseman Costume, Teenage Vampire Costume, Vampire Girl Costume, Onryo Costume, Death March Costume, Killer Sindi Costume

    Black Skeleton Costume
    Death March Costume
    Evil Ghost Costume
    Ghost Pirate Costume
    Headless Horseman Costume
    Killer Sindi Costume
    Nefarious Cloak Costume
    Onryo Costume
    Teenage Witch Costume
    Tight Mummy Costume

    Astronomical's Open-A-Chest for Avatar Event

    Posted on : 17th Oct 2019 08:11   Posted by : Worse
    For members in the club Astronomical only. Any comments made by non-club members will be deleted.

    Hey all! Opening a chest is awesome because there is hope and excitement in trying to figure out what is in that hidden glory. Opening a chest is also annoying because you don't know what that hidden glory is. Is it worth a million bucks? Is it worth a penny? Who knows!!
    As usual for Halloween, we have a FREE Open-A-Chest for Avatar Event. This year, it is the Haunted Treasure Chest, which gives out the Haunted Hidden Avatar! Yay!
    Check out the rules for the deets, folks.

    1. Sign up period is open until 23:59MST October 22.
    *This sign up period is less than a week because I want to use the items from the chest for the singles dress up contest, and other events! To do that, we gotta end this event early. Sorry, folks.

    2. Please do not sign up if you already have the Haunted hidden avatar. The intent of this event is to give a hidden avatar to someone who needs it. I will check avatars prior to announcing the winner, so don't bother lying.

    3. To sign up, comment "My lucky rat tail!!" on this blog by the close date

    4. By signing up, you are agreeing to only open the chest for the avatar. Any items won must be donated back to the club.
    You will also be asked to send Zing a list of items the chest had.

    5. Have fun!!

    Astronomical Halloween Couples DUC

    Posted on : 16th Oct 2019 12:26   Posted by : Worse
    For the members in the club Astronomical ONLY. Any comments made by non-club members will be deleted.

    It's time for the usual couples dress up contest
    You know...
    that we do...
    every Halloween and Christmas.


    1. To enter, comment on this blog:
    a) your username, if you're alone
    b) your username and your partners username, if you found a partner. Only ONE comment for the partners please.
    *Example: I would comment "Zing" if I were alone, or "Zing and Litten" for myself and my partner.

    2. If you sign up alone, you will be paired with another aloney person.
    If there are no other aloney persons, Zing will be paired with you.

    3. Sign up period is until 23:59MST October 22

    4. TWIST: Usually themes are assigned but this year... YOU GUYS decide your themes. Dun dun dun. Evil

    5. TWIST 2: To prevent the same exact entries, you can only use your themes as inspirations. Be creative. Dun dun dun Evil

    6. Doll entries are due to Zing via maramail by 23:59MST October 29th

    7. Please assign one person who sends in their entries.
    It is not required but it is recommended that you and your partner decides who gets what prize if you place. If you want, include that in the entry maramail.

    8. Have fun!

    First - Kazoo, Festive Violin
    Second - Transvaluation Stamp,Capsule Machine Stamp
    Third - Rose Cupcake, Evil Clown Plushie

    Astronomical's Birthday Giveaway

    Posted on : 1st Oct 2019 08:46   Posted by : Worse
    For members in the club Astronomical ONLY

    Winners by imgur because I am a lazy headless chicken.
    Each person will be contacted via maramail to choose their item!
    As a courtesy to each member, you have 3 days from your initial maramail to choose your item. You will receive a courtesy mail or MT by me on the 2nd day of waiting.

    Capsule Machine Stamp
    Chalk Choir
    Fake Plushie Costume
    Love Tantua Potion
    Musical Fairy Gumball
    Mystery Snack Bag
    Philharmonic Orchestra
    Plump Bunny Plushie
    Trixter Trading Card

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