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Made by Jamison :)
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Lost Socks Games Creations
10 months, 9 days & 11 hrs ago
10th Nov 2020 10:30

Task 1 Entries

All were amazing, you should be proud of yourselves. Smile

District 1

"What do you think when you hear “District 1”?

Luxury? Elegance? …maybe Opulence, perhaps?

…or maybe all three. Exactly. Our fine district deals with only the finest things in life. You think diamonds are a girl’s best friend? WRONG. They’re OUR friend. That’s what we are: a diamond. We make only the finest diamond jewelry, the fluffiest furs, the most perfumy perfumes and the most luxurious luxuries in Panem. The Capitol surely wouldn’t be so elegant with the Severance of our district’s gifts.

Now you might be wondering: “Why should I sponsor District 1?”. Well I’ll tell you, fine gentleperson - because you have taste. Of course, you know what real winners look like. We’re capable, dangerous, and did I mention, glamorous? We’ll put on an unforgettable and entertaining performance in this year’s Lost Socks Games.

With your help, we can make District 1 shine like a Chandelier. We’ll outshine the competition with your generous gifts and donations, Dearest Sponsors!"

We’re the source of life’s fine luxuries,

The brightest gems, the finest beads,

Our challengers look at us with envy,

They know with us, they can’t compete.

The sun shines bright, our gold mines gleam,

Our lives are bold, just as they seem.

We’re the source of life’s fine luxuries,

The softest furs, the rarest sweets,

Our challengers look at what could be,

But District 1, is out of reach.

District 2

Here at district two we pride ourselves on being the top peacekeepers around. We have a brilliant work force who put all hours into the masonry and weaponry creations, you won’t be disappointed with what we are able to offer. Your sponsorship means we are able to continue being top of the game in all we do, we’re here to WIN!

This is district two and we’re great at smashing rocks,

If you sponsor us we’ll show you just who is boss.

We’re the best at building houses,

Whilst training up your spouses.

Peacekeeping is our game,

So don’t wear out our name!

District 3


We are a vital piece.
As it was in the turtle and the hare.
We empower an ease,
To in victory share.
Even if you're missing the speed,
even if you're missing the wit!
Our technology is what you need
for a chance to win to be lit!
Our people are bright,
easing everyday life.
We want to shine a light
to end unnecessary strife.
We have built the television
to see both our contrast,
in a humble mission,
to also share our similarities via broadcast.
Even now we built a new escape
of a digital virtual reality.
Enabling fantasies that you can shape
even grander than what you see in tv.
Our abilities are endless;
to shine above all.
Our goal is not senseless.
We make life, for you and us, a ball!

Here on district 3 we have created many things, many technologies for your needs and enjoyments. Technology from district 3 has been integrated in every district, and in the capital. With it the capital can easily keep tabs on all of the districts, and keep us all United.

We have created television for you watch the world. And these Hunger Games that are about to take place for your enjoyment. We have created computers, and ways to interact and be part of the games. With 1000s of drones on the field, built at our facilities, every angle will be covered. We are currently working on technology that will bring you closer to the action.

Soon you will be able to indulge in the games from the safety of your own homes. create your own worlds, and your own pets and games with virtual reality. With just some gloves and glasses you can leave your current situation for a few hours, and feel excitement.

District 4

"District 4 is positioned on the coast of Panem, and is the location of the nation’s fisheries and ocean industries. All of its residents are raised with the necessary seafaring skills to keep these industries running – including swimming, navigation, farming sealife, net weaving, and hunting in the water.

While the district is most well known for its high quality of seafood, it also produces lustrous pearls which are shipped straight to District 1 for jewellery making.

The district’s signature sunny shores and sea breeze makes it a popular location for residents of The Capitol to visit for sightseeing."

"Home is District Four"
Oh, other districts have their charms
Three’s circuits and Twelve’s ore,
One’s got baubles; Two’s got arms
But home is District Four.
Home is District Four.
We heave and hoist and haul our catch,
Sail even through the roughest patch,
The other tributes met their match
In good old District Four,
In good old District Four.
Our fishing fills the nation’s belly
The bounty of the sea,
It’s possible that Five’s less smelly
But Four’s the place for me.
Four’s the place for me.
And so, to our brave lads and lasses,
We salute, we raise our glasses
Cook their geese and kick their a**es –
And come home to District Four,
Come home to District Four.

District 5

We are the representatives of district 5, the district that generates all the power for the country. This obviously means we are the best as how would the people of The Capital survive without electricity?!?!? No hovercars, no social media, and worst of all no way to run and televise the hunger games (Hint hint capital people, sponsor us or you will have a power cut *huge smile* ) We embrace our electric ways and live in a district full of neon lights, we are the district that never sleeps. Some may say we have embraced the moniker of the district that never sleeps a little to much, being the district that consumes the most coffee and with members who have been known to pass out whilst talking due to sleep deprivation. However we are a district of people who work hard and play hard. When not generating power we have neon filled night clubs with beautiful glittering discoballs which are open 24/7. To match the high octane environment of our district we wear large amounts of neon polyester, lycra and disco boots. The fashion in District 5 other districts may deride as “over the top” and “too flammable” but we embrace those comments and interpret them as “literally the best” and “on fire”. To this upcoming hunger games we are planning to bring scintillating personalities, startling fashions, utter ruthlessness and quick thinking solutions to problem! The other districts won’t know what’s hit them. Long reign District 5 as victors!

We are District 5
Power, Electricity and Neon
We burn bright
We light up your skys
Glowing, Radiant and Luminous
We are District 5

District 6

If you traveled to be here today, you sat upon the work of my brothers and sisters. We are the hidden oldest sibling, providing Panem with our goods and asking for little in return. The hover-craft here in the Capitol were built by my neighbors and loved ones, as were the trains that carried this crowd to join us tonight. We are the district to ensure all districts are connected – we bring you the lumber from District 7 to repair your homes, the grain from District 9 to feed your families, the fish from District 4 to celebrate. Our systems connect the entirety of Panem, and still we continue to live in squalor so you may prosper. My district has suffered for the betterment of Panem, with undue oppression from the Peacekeepers, overpopulation, continuous labor and a steady stream of morphling escape. Tonight, I will ask just one favor in return: your support for District 6 in the First Annual Lost Socks Games. We will do our best in each leg of the Games, and your assistance will do us well, should you choose to provide it. We have the bodies and hands of laborers, the deep will to continue, and we have been subjected to pain and suffering for far longer than the Games will transpire. We can withstand, and we will win!

As Panem sleeps at night
We work like it's day
They're wanting to travel the districts
While we do it for little pay
When we walk the streets
Still covered in ash
Peacekeepers oppress us
Like we're nothing but trash
We won't stand for this anymore
We will bring in the light
We will take all others down
We will win the fight
No matter the struggle
As we take all of our licks
We will win the games
We are District 6

District 7

District 8

District Eight is one of the nine districts of Panem, located on the southeast side of the Capitol. The district is known for its natural oil, gas reservoirs, and huge oil extractors towering over the district's skylines. On the west side of the district, there's also a small ore mine where the peasants of the district work just to earn a living. These natural resources made District Eight one of the wealthiest and most technologically advanced districts just behind the Capitol. Children from District 8 are trained to be engineers and scientists to become weapons of mass destruction. They work tirelessly day and night to produce dangerous weaponry and poisons to sell to the black market. As a result of the exploitation of resources, dark purple mist clouds the air of the district, killing all the plants and animals, worsening the living conditions. They rely on the other districts for food and water in exchange for gadgets and machinery and a spacesuit is required to walk the streets of District Eight.

This is the poem,

Man was made to make

Machinations of machines in the world we wake

A ringing of bells

To send us to hell

The clock strikes twelve

The putrid rain fell

The foul creatures man has create

The wretched engineer of flesh and fate

Their flesh bound to a cursed shell

The eyes of the innocent lost in twisted make

Bound to mock inside their cell

Our fates are decided by a jar

Our lives pulled from its glass maw

A systems of deadly create

The clock hit nine

Its my time to dine

In a train of my final fate

We must rise

We must break

We must clean the slate

To break free and rise again

For man was made to make

District 9

First, I would like to thank the Overseer and all of you for being here and encouraging me, and my District! We are here to win, we are devoted and work both fields and factories to bring wheats, grains, breads to your very tables!! We have miles of fields, with beautiful wheat. Our factories turn it into grains and breads to fill the bellies of millions! Bountiful are we, bountiful indeed. We are strong, stable and able.... to win.

I sit at the window

Regard the sky and the sun

Fields of gold shimmer

The breeze blows gently

Fertile plains

Sunshine and rain

Sustenance grows in those fields of gold

Task 2 Entries

The Lost Socks Games Rankings
10 months, 10 days & 13 hrs ago
9th Nov 2020 07:49

Firstly, please be happy for everyone who places in each task, congratulate them.

Secondly, all entries are great and it is always a difficult decision.

I will post the top three districts for each task.

Task 1

1st Place = District 3 (31)

Joint 4th Place = District 1, 6 and 8 (23)

Top Ranking Tributes were Annera, Teenqueen1084 and darkangelkia

Task 2

1st place = District 4 (31)

Joint 3rd place = District 1 and 2

Top ranking tributes were Sho, Daze and Chandelier

Task 3

1st place = District 3 (30)

2nd place = District 8 (29)

3rd place = District 9 (24)

Top ranking tributes were Teenqueen1084, Annera and Nekkidpi

Overall rankings

In 9th place we have District 7 with 16 points.

In 8th place we have District 6 with 52 points

In 7th place we have District 9 with 70 points

In 6th place we have District 5 with 86 points

In 5th place we have District 2 with 88 points

In 4th place we have District 4 with 94 points

In 3rd place we have District 8 with 105 points

In 2nd place we have District 1 with 106 points

In 1st place we have District 3 with 132 points.

Individual overall

4th place = Rin and Law

2nd place = Chandelier

1st place = TeenQueen1084

The Lost Socks Games
11 months, 3 days & 13 hrs ago
16th Oct 2020 09:06

Hello everyone!

Now, that you have all signed up to the games, there are some rules to follow.

Firstly, if you chose the team working trait as a weakness, you can not reveal any of your strengths and weaknesses to anyone.

Here are the Districts and their members.

District 1 = Severance and Chandelier
District 2 = Daze and Yuni
District 3 = Darkangelkia and Teenqueen1048
District 4 = Zig and Sho
District 5 = Kiren and Annera
District 6 = Vegan and Drill The Wise
District 7 = Echonight and Posessed
District 8 = Nekkidpi and Law
District 9 = Rin

If you have any questions about the tasks below please put them on this blog in case people have the same questions.

Now, let's get on with the tasks.

Task 1 - Opens 1/11/20 and closes end of 07/11/20 at 1 minute before 00:00 MST -the next day

Initial Interviews

You have to in your teams come up with a short piece of writing describing your District and a poem or song that describes it. One paragraph of writing and one song or poem must be submitted.

The Districts are based off the ones features in The Hunger Games Series or films. Although, you could take the theme and make it fantastical or medieval or futuristic. Make the District your own somehow.

So, imagine you have just been chosen for the reaping. You have made it to the Capitol and now you need to big up your District in the hopes to get interest and sponsors for your time in the arena. Now is you chance to get the citizens interested.

Imagine you are at your first interview and want to make a good impression. What will you say, recite or sing to the people of Panem about your District?

If you chose writing as a strength or weakness this will affect this challenge.
Writing as a strength means that you have 300 words.
Writing as a weakness means that you have 100 words.
If you didn't choose writing you will get 200 words.

You can go under your word count but do not go over it.

If you chose charisma as a strength you get +2 points added.
If you chose charisma as a weakness you get -2 points taken away.
If you didn't choose charisma nothing happens.

One tribute will send in a poem/song and the other tribute will send in the paragraph.

Task 2 - 08/11/20 - 14/11/20 at 1 minute before 00:00 MST -the next day

Entering the Arena

This task involves you coming up with your outfit for in the Arena. Please co-ordinate with your other District member. The top/bottoms must be the same. As every tribute goes into the Arena with the same outfit. It must be suited to the Arena's climate. Anything else can be different. Please submit your looks to me individually.

Please pick your climate/location from the below.

1. Rainforest
2. Sahara Desert
3. Downton New York
4. An Archipelago

If you picked Fashion as a strength you may use items of clothing worth 200k mp and more.

If you did not pick fashion for either you can use items of clothing worth up to 200k mp.

If you picked Fashion as a weakness you may only use items of clothing worth up to 100k mp.

Anything that you wear such as contacts, wigs, makeup, shoes must adhere to the above mp valuation rules. Anything in the background such as scenery can be worth more. And weapons are not included in this rule. As your trait which effects weapons will allow you to use them as per below.

If you picked weapons as a strength you may add 2 weapons to your look.

If you didn't pick weapons then you may only use 1 weapon to complete your look.

If you picked weapons as a weakness you can't add any weapons to your look.

When you send in your look please state the chosen location and all the items you used.

Task 3 - 15/11/20 - 28/11/20 at 1 minute before 00:00 MST -the next day

Increase your Odds

It's time to increase your odds. You are now all set and have been dropped off in the Arena but it's nothing like what you've experienced before. You are in the world of marapets.

You must stay earn some points by completing quests. But, you have to do this while avoiding all the Marapets who may or may not want to eat you.

Please post on this blog what quests you have chosen and how many you have already done.

If you've got multitasking as your strength you may choose 3 different quests.

If you didn't choose multitasking you can do 2 different quests.

If you have chosen multitasking as your weakness you can only do 1 quest.

You and your district partner must pick different quests.

You must also post your quest end amount within 5 minutes of the task closing.

Good luck Smile

Task 4 and 5 - 01/12/20 for one week at 1 minute before 00:00 MST -the next day

Task 4 - Victory is Yours

This is the final week long event. The Hunger Games Quiz. All you have to do is complete the quiz. There will be a point per correct answer for this. Please work individually on this.

1. Who was the victor that volunteered for Annie Cresta in the 3rd Quarter Quell?

2. What was the name of Mrs. Everdeen's friend that died in the second Quarter Quell?

3. Why doesn't Katniss want to have children?

4. How many times did Gale have his name entered in the Reaping?

5. Who said it? “Well if you put enough pressure on coal it turns into pearls.”

6. What did the mayor always buy from Katniss and Gale?

7. What is Peeta's fathers occupation?

8. What district were Bonnie and Twill fleeing from?

9. Who nicknamed Katniss "catnip" ?

10. What District is Glimmer from?

11. What Killed Foxface?

12. Where was Katniss when she finds Peeta is working with the Careers?

13. How many winners has District 12 had in the history of the Hunger Games (before Katniss and Peeta)?

14. A Mockingjay is a cross between a mockingbird and ___________.

15. What talent does Katniss have that she is willing to use during the Victory Tour?

Task 5 - Word Search

1 point per word, but there's a catch. You don't know how many words there are or even what they are. All you know is that they are The Hunger Games themed. Other words will not count. You can work on this together, but you can only submit once.


Task 6 - The Hunger Games live - 09:00 MST 06/12/20

Your Sincerely,

Corina The Overseer of Panem.

Lost Socks Chat Games
11 months, 12 days & 13 hrs ago
7th Oct 2020 09:04

Lost Socks

Battle Quiz - A themed quiz where each question answered correctly will get a diamond.

Five minute dress up - At the start of this, the person running the event will pick 1 item (under 5k) or a particular colour. Participants will have exactly 5 minutes to scramble to create a look for this item or colour. Entries posted after 5 minutes will be disqualified.

Guess the item -
Variation 1 - The person running the event will look in their attic or gallery for an item to give away. This can be any value. Then participants will ask yes or no questions to try and deduce what the item is. They can't ask more than one question or guess at a time. They have to wait until their question is answered before guessing or asking a question again. First person to guess correctly wins the item.
Variation 2 - Same as above for rules on guessing but this time the prize will be either a slate, rune or toy block. And the host will pick a theme (Movies, Tv shows, etc) and then everyone guesses something beginning with a specific letter to see if that was the letter of the block/rune or slate.

Hangman - The person running the event will use a theme (Marapets, jobs, food etc) and they will pick an item. Each person can guess one letter at a time or guess the whole phrase or word at a time. Then once the person running it says whether it's right or wrong they can guess again.

Normal quiz - Participants scores are added up and the highest scoring wins a prize.

Story Time - Participants sign up and are given a number. All the participants will then write two sentences and send the last one they wrote to the next person. Once the last person has finished their sentences, they will send their last one to the host. The host will then say it's completed in chat. The first person will post their sentences, followed by everyone else. This can be hilarious.

The Hunger Games - This is a longer game spread over time. Each day some participants will be knocked out and some will survive for another night in the arena. There's an automatic system that decides who does what. Participants pick which district they are in at the start and then watch and wait as the story unfolds.

Quick Questing - The host stipulates a specific quest and a task. Then all who want to participate will do that task. For example, get an ironic or funny Snowman or Secret Santa Quest or see who can get the most Yarn out of 10 Farming Quests.

Unscramble - The person running the event will use a theme (Marapets, jobs, food etc) and they will pick an item to scramble. They will then post it in chat and the person who unscrambles it first wins.

  1. Signatures of my own creation
    2nd Dec 2020 08:55
    9 months, 17 days & 12 hrs ago
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    10th Nov 2020 10:30
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    1st May 2020 02:43
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    18th Apr 2020 09:12
    1 year & 5 months ago
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    5th Mar 2020 12:13
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