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  • Pet Trades (LEs) Updated     17th Oct 2016 19:03
  • dreamalotdop has a home     3rd Nov 2012 19:08
  • Well Named Pets     9th Jan 2008 21:55

  • Pet Trades (LEs) Updated

    Posted on : 17th Oct 2016 19:03   Posted by : LadyWraith
    These are the LE pets I am currently accepting in Pet Trades.

    Halloween Troit
    Halloween Vixen
    Halloween Snookle
    Werewolf Tasi
    Halloween Daisy
    Chibi Yuni
    Desert Chibs
    Halloween Chibs
    Mutant Figaro
    Killer Chibs
    Dragon Quell
    Moonlight Raulf
    Pirate Eyru
    Pirate Kujo
    Killer Sindi


    dreamalotdop has a home

    Posted on : 3rd Nov 2012 19:08   Posted by : LadyWraith
    For four or five years I have gotten random messages from strangers asking for dreamalotdop. They began even before she became a Sindi. The excuses I received were the usual. Most of the time it was somebody's birthday or a friend of theirs birthday. I have been asked to give dreamalotdop away because some one died or is dying. I've even been told once I should give her to the messenger because quote "You seem like a really nice person and you should give me dreamalotdop to be nice".

    First off, if I didn't want dreamalotdop then I wouldn't have her.

    Secondly, she is my battle pet. I didn't spend all that time and MP training her because I didn't want her.

    Third, she is my gourmet pet.

    Fourth, just because she's badly named doesn't mean she always will be. I haven't gotten around to changing it yet. And when I do it won't be much different. I just want her name capitalized and an extra letter added to make Dreamalotadop. I just think it's adorable and goes really well with her cotton candy costume.

    I clearly state in my info that I block people who ask me to give them certain pets. That warning has worked well for awhile, but clearly people no longer bother to read my info anymore. So if you find yourself blocked after asking me to give or sell you dreamalotdop, then this is why.

    Well Named Pets

    Posted on : 9th Jan 2008 21:55   Posted by : LadyWraith
    A 'Well Named Pet' is just what it says. It has a decent name. Names with numbers, underscores, periods or two (or more) words shoved together are NOT well named. Also, names that are not capitalized are NOT well named. Names with too little, too many or no vowels at all are Not well named. Those aren't even names! No one will desire those pets, including yourself in the future.

    DO NOT offer these undesirables on my pet trades with W/N in the desription. They will be auto-rejected.

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