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  • {[ My Mumfers ]}

    Posted on : 23rd Aug 2012 04:47   Posted by : Eat


    {[ Gourmet Foods I Need ]}

    Posted on : 22nd Aug 2012 22:51   Posted by : Eat
    Addow Bunches

    Addow Easter Egg

    Almond Gumball

    Ancient Bread

    Angel Cake

    Angel Fasoro Feather

    Angelwing Butterfly

    Anime Bites

    Anime Potato

    Ant Hill Cake

    Apple Crumble

    Apple Gumball

    Azul Easter Egg

    Banana Gumball

    Basil Bites

    Baspinar Potato

    Battle Arena Easter Egg

    Battle Gumball

    Batz Easter Egg

    Bee Potato

    Black Blood

    Black DNA

    Black Easter Egg

    Black Forest Cake

    Black Gumball

    Black Widow

    Black and White Easter Egg

    Blood Sausages

    Blue Blood

    Blue DNA

    Blue Easter Egg

    Bolimo Easter Egg

    Bone Potato

    Broken Candycane

    Broken Easter Egg

    Brown DNA

    Brown Easter Egg

    Bugs and Crackers

    Burnt Sugar Pie

    Can of Fairies

    Charley Easter Egg

    Chibs Chow

    Chocolate Beach Cake

    Chocolate Cherry

    Chocolate Chip Gumball

    Chocolate Circus

    Chocolate Cream

    Chocolate Drops

    Chocolate Easter Egg

    Chocolate Easter Sindi

    Chocolate Heart Lolly

    Chocolate Island Truffle

    Christmas 2010 Dinner

    Christmas Dinner

    Christmas Ham

    Christmas Pretzel

    Christmas Tree Potato

    Cinnabar Caterpillar

    Circle Easter Egg

    Clown Muffin

    Cola Gumball

    Cola Potato

    Corned Beef and Vegetables

    Cowboy Potato

    Cranberry Sauce

    Creamy Leek Soup

    Crindol Easter Egg

    Cucumber Pizza

    Cyan Easter Egg

    Dakota Cake

    Dakota Foot

    Dark Chocolate Gumball

    Dark Chocolate Rapunzel

    Dark Fairy Potato

    Devil Gumball

    Digital Gumball

    Doyle Easter Egg


    Duck with Sauce

    Easter Egg

    Easter Egg in a Cup

    Easter Potato

    Eggnog Cake

    Eleka Horns

    Elger Candy Dispenser

    Elger Easter Egg

    Empty Plate

    Enpiah Easter Egg

    Equilor Easter Egg

    Ercuw Easter Egg

    Evil Clown Dinner

    Evil Clown Potato

    Experimental Potato

    Fairy Cake

    Fasoro Easter Egg

    Fatty Easter Egg

    Feliz Easter Egg

    Festival Gumball

    Festive Bread

    Festive Pizza

    Fild Easter Egg

    Firework Potato

    Fish and Rice

    Fishing Easter Egg

    Flab Flakes

    Flower Gumball

    Flowery Gumball

    Frozen Candycane

    Fruity Flakes

    Fungunzel Charms

    Funky Easter Egg

    Genie Potato

    Ghost Floaties

    Gift Wrapped Wine


    Glowing Gumball

    Gnome Potato

    Gold Easter Egg

    Gold Gumball

    Gonk Easter Egg

    Green Blood

    Green DNA

    Green Easter Egg

    Grey Blood

    Grey DNA

    Grey Easter Egg

    Grint Easter Egg

    Gummy Christmas Trees

    Gummy Rapunzel

    Gypsy Caterpillar

    Hairy Potato

    Haunted Gumball

    Heart Gumball

    Hick Easter Egg

    Hippow Easter Egg

    Honey Bee


    Horus Easter Egg

    Ice Cream Crindol

    Ice Cream and Candy

    Icy Gumball

    Inside Out Potato


    Jar of Bats

    Jar of Blood

    Jar of Christmas Food

    Jar of Data

    Jar of Eyes

    Jar of Flowers

    Jar of Fog

    Jar of Mints

    Jar of Mucus

    Jar of Rats

    Jar of Stars

    Jar of Sunshine

    Jar of Vegetables

    Jar of Yellow Teeth

    Jenoa Easter Egg

    Jessup Easter Egg

    Jezebel Easter Egg

    Julia Caterpillar

    Jumping Spider

    Ketchup Double Hotdog

    Kidlet Easter Egg

    King Baspinar Arm

    King Baspinar Easter Egg

    King Baspinar Tail

    Knutt Easter Egg

    Kronk Easter Egg


    Large Hazelnut Latte

    Lati Easter Egg

    Leido Easter Egg

    Lela Easter Egg

    Leprechaun Potato

    Lethally Hot Pepper

    Low Fat Yule Log

    Lucky Easter Egg

    Lucky Puffs

    Lush Easter Egg

    Lush Lake Easter Egg

    Marada Easter Egg

    Midnight Chibs Paw

    Midnight Potato

    Milk Chocolate Rapunzel

    Milk Chocolate Xoi

    Miniature Pumpkins

    Minipet Cereal

    Mint Chocolate Gumball

    Mint Chocolate Rapunzel

    Mint Gumball

    Monarch Caterpillar

    Mordo Prickles


    Mouldy Fruit

    Mouldy Gumball

    Multi-Coloured Gumball

    Mummy Wrap

    Murfin Easter Egg

    Mutant Food

    Native Potato

    Neek Easter Egg

    Newth Flippers

    Nut Chocolate

    Obese Potato

    One Hundred Cake

    Onion Double Hotdog

    Orange Blood

    Orange Chocolate Rapunzel

    Orange DNA

    Orange Easter Egg

    Osafo Easter Egg

    Osafo Oats

    Paffuto Easter Egg

    Paffuto Skeleton

    Painted Lady Butterfly

    Peanut Butter Chocolate

    Pear Gumball

    Peiko Easter Egg

    Phanty Easter Egg

    Pingi Easter Egg

    Pink Blood

    Pink Easter Egg

    Pirate Mafia Potato

    Pirate Potato

    Poera Easter Egg

    Poison Berries

    Poison Mushroom


    Potato Wedges

    Praying Mantis

    Puchalla Potato

    Puchalla Village Gumball

    Puff Easter Egg


    Pumpkin Gumball

    Pumpkin Potato

    Punk Easter Egg

    Purple Blood

    Purple DNA

    Purple Easter Egg

    Pyramid Cake

    Queen Eleka Gumball

    Quell Easter Egg

    Rainbow Easter Egg

    Rainbow Fairy Gumball

    Rainbow Fairy Potato

    Rainbow Pizza

    Rapunzel Gumball

    Rapunzel Potato

    Red Blood

    Red Cabbage

    Red DNA

    Red Easter Egg

    Reese Easter Egg

    Renat Easter Egg

    Repair Geek Easter Egg

    Roast Pork

    Rofling Easter Egg

    Rudolf Candy Dispenser

    Rusty Drool


    Safari Cereal

    Scrooge Easter Egg

    Seasonal Potato

    Sewage Chocolate

    Sewer Gumball

    Shilpy Easter Egg

    Silver Easter Egg

    Silver Gumball

    Sindi Easter Egg


    Skeleton Easter Egg

    Slater Park Potato

    Sliced Potato

    Slimy Pickle

    Small Apple Chai Tea

    Small Banana Chocolate Blend

    Smelly Pumpkin

    Smiley Gumball

    Smugglers Easter Egg

    Snickle Easter Egg

    Snoween Easter Egg

    Snowman Easter Egg

    Snowmans Easter Egg

    Snowy Gumball

    Spaghetti Bolognese

    Spaghetti and Meatballs

    Sparkle Potato

    Spinach Ice Cream

    Splatter Specs

    Spotted Gumball

    Square Easter Egg

    Squid Soup

    Stag Beetle

    Steak and Kidney Pie

    Stormy Potato

    Strawberry Gumball

    Striped Easter Egg

    Sultan Gumball

    Super Sized Cotton Candy

    Sybri Tail

    Tantua Easter Egg


    Temple Cake

    Three Quarters of an Evil Pizza

    Triangle Easter Egg

    Turkey Dinner

    Ugly Teeth Gumball

    Underwater Potato

    Ush Easter Egg

    Ushunda Easter Egg

    Ushunda Tentacle

    Vacation Gumball

    Valentine Potato

    Vampire Potato

    Vampire Tasi Fangs

    Viotto Easter Egg

    Walee Easter Egg

    Water Boatman

    Water Gumball

    Wedding Cake

    Wedding Potato


    White Chocolate Gumball

    White Chocolate Rapunzel

    White DNA

    White Easter Egg

    White Gumball

    Wooden Gumball

    Xoi Easter Egg

    Yellow Blood

    Yellow DNA

    Yellow Easter Egg

    Yule Log

    Yuni Horn

    Zetlian Easter Egg

    Zombie Munchies

    {[ New Avatar Temple ]}-{[ Progress ]}

    Posted on : 22nd Aug 2012 18:49   Posted by : Eat
    Level 1 - Flea - 30k

    Level 2 - Faye - 350k

    Level 3 - Beebot - 400k

    Level 4 - Fee - 40k

    Level 5 - Fropa - 100k

    {[ Pheyo's ]}-{[ Winged Foxes ]}

    Posted on : 18th Aug 2012 17:27   Posted by : Eat
    They Cost 10k Each.
    Buy A Trash Potato From My Shop
    Post Here: To Buy One.
    You Will Receive A Random One; You May Trade Your Doubles.

    Plain Colors:
    Red-Blue-Purple-Yellow-Green-Orange-Navy-Grey-Black-Pink-Light Blue-Light Purple-Light Green-

    Special Costumes:
    Starry-Starry 2-Funky-Strawberry-Space-


    Shiny Eevee-Eevee-Espeon-Shiny Espeon-Flareon-Shiny Flareon-Jolteon-Shiny Jolteon-Shiny Umbreon-Umbreon-Pikachu-Vaporeon-Shiny Vaporeon-

    Hockey Players

    Custom Made
    Pink Sparkle-Growlithe-


    Lineart & Shading By Taizan, Anything Else By Me

    Unicorns :o

    Posted on : 18th Jul 2012 18:45   Posted by : Eat

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