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  • Missions completed till now:     18th Aug 2010 07:44
  • Items won from Ian's Aucti...     5th Oct 2008 01:38
  • Goals     7th Jul 2008 09:31
  • NOTE TO STAFF     23rd Jun 2008 09:30

  • Missions completed till now:

    Posted on : 18th Aug 2010 07:44   Posted by : rishu018
    Completed Ublish x3
    Prize-Plushie huthiq potion
    Skater huthq potion
    Plushie Huthiq Potion

    Completed Fates x4
    Prize-Witch yuni potion
    Red Yuni Potion
    Blue Yuni Potion
    Toddler Yuni Potion

    Completed Clam x1
    Prize-Halloween Kronk Potion

    Completed Blitzen x6
    Prize-Brown Viotto Potion
    Bronze Viotto Potion
    Recycled Viotto Potion
    Yellow Viotto Potion
    Gold Viotto Potion
    Bronze Viotto Potion

    Completed Theatre x3
    Prize-Green Phanty Potion
    Green Phanty Potion
    Pink Phanty Potion

    Completed Trotter x1
    Prize-Orange Zoink Potion

    Completed Bumpkin x3
    Prize-Blue Gizmo Potion
    Red Gizmo Potion
    Enchanted Green Gizmo Plushie

    Completed Rusty x1
    Prize-Black Rusty Potion

    Items won from Ian's Auctions

    Posted on : 5th Oct 2008 01:38   Posted by : rishu018
    Gothic Costume(x2)
    Halloween Costume
    Love Costume
    Old Costume
    Royal Costume(x2)
    Fire Tantua Potion
    Acne Trading Card(x2)
    Love Story
    Grumpy Old Chibs
    The Mermaid Tale
    Skater Snookle Potion
    Health Potion(x2)
    Digital Pearl
    Fire Costume
    Grey DNA
    Cheese Costume
    Swiss Army Knife
    Happy Pearl

    Only so that I can remember.....


    Posted on : 7th Jul 2008 09:31   Posted by : rishu018
    Get 1mil(x)
    Get 5mil(x)
    Get 10mil(x)
    Get 15mil(x)
    Get 25mil(x)
    Get 40mil(x)
    Get 50mil(x)
    Get 75mil( )
    Get 100mil( )
    Complete Christmas treasure map(x)
    Get all Pet costumes( )
    Get all dvds( )
    Complete Simerian Map(x)
    Complete Fishing Map( )
    Complete Whirlpool Map( )



    Posted on : 23rd Jun 2008 09:30   Posted by : rishu018
    My brother(keshu007) might log on from my computer occasionally. We often send items to each other.

    I keep traveling for work, so I might login using my phone/laptop from different places sometimes.

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