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⭐ self proclaimed figaro & crikey queen ⭐
In peace, may you leave this shore. In love, may you find the next.
Safe passage on your travels, until our final journey to the ground.
May we meet again.







  • [♥] missions i've c...     ~29 Jul 2019
  • [♥] my dream pets     ~16 Jul 2019
  • [♥] avatars i want from...     ~09 Jun 2019
  • [♥] pet name meanings     ~23 Apr 2019
  • [♥] two thousand and e...     ~02 Sep 2008

  • [♥] missions i've completed

    Posted on : 29th Jul 2019 14:50   Posted by : Em
    Congratulations! You found the \'Tarquin\' Hidden Avatar

    Thank you for finishing my Mission on time

    Witch Poera Potion is now in your Inventory

    Congratulations! You found the \'Hospice\' Hidden Avatar

    Thank you for finishing my Mission on time

    Enchanted Green Crikey Plushie and 250,000MP

    [♥] my dream pets

    Posted on : 16th Jul 2019 16:14   Posted by : Em
    (i'm taking a break of making Figaro's and making some of my dream pets)

    *i update this regularly when i see a pet i like




    [♥] avatars i want from tableaus

    Posted on : 9th Jun 2019 01:48   Posted by : Em
    i want from temple..

    i\'ve got from temple..


    [♥] pet name meanings

    Posted on : 23rd Apr 2019 17:41   Posted by : Em

    I have only put meanings behind the pets I am never ever trading, I made these all myself. DO NOT ASK ME. They are in the order of how they appear on my profile.

    14Feb16 - Space Rofling my wedding date ♥

    16Jack - Pirate Basil - 2016 was the year I married my Husband Jack ??? I\'ve ALWAYS wanted a Pirate Basil and finally made one

    17Seth - Fairy Zola - Dedicated to my son birth year and name! This is my main pet I am slowly training up and giving learnies etc.. I made him a Calico Zola as I\'ve not seen them as much as the other costumed Zola\'s

    18Nugget - Bug Troit - 2018 we adopted my Puppy, Nugget (all over my profile). I have been wanting a bug Troit for EVER! Decided to make him my troit ???

    19Sybil - [undecided costume] Basil - 2019 is the current year I got this pet, graciously gifted to me by Zeichii. The name is Sybil after my Grandma. I didn\'t have a pet dedicated toward her yet but now I do.

    21Mar18 [undecided] Rofling - My dogs birthday ♥

    22Mar17 - Daylight Lorius - My sons Birthday ♥

    23Dec14 - [undecided] Chibs - the date my husband proposed ♥

    Airc - Dalmatian Daisy - Airc\'s name isn\'t anything special really, she was the last Daisy I ever got from the UF, at the moment she\'s a Dalmation Daisy and I think I might keep her that way.

    Bellamy_ - [portal pet] - Bellamy is named after Bellamy Blake from the 100. I am literally obsessed with that show, watched it over 5 times through. This pet is just my portal/transformations pet for now.

    Biscuit_ - [undecided] Straya - Biscuit is named after my Conure parrot I have in real life. She???s a Torquioise Green Cheek.

    Clov - Gennie Kujo - Clov is dedicated to my first ever pet rat, Clover. Unfortunately Clover passed away from Cancer which is fairly common in Rats.

    Connors - Chibi Pucu - Connors is my Grandads last name, who I loved very much. This name is dedicated to him.

    Emmerton - Bug Sindi - hes named after my married name.

    Indei - Tiger Vixen - Indei is the name of my family dog! She lives with my parents. She\'s a Bull Terrier cross what we think is some sort of mastiff.

    Ishbee - Voodoo Ercuw - Ishbee is another nick name for my husband. Just a cute pet name.

    Jackerton - UNDECIDED - My husbands nickname Smile

    Jerssie - Jerssie is named after my first ever pet dog, she was a Bull Terrier cross a Staffie. She was my everything, she was like a sister in dog form, we did everything together. She sadly got a disease which mean\\\'t she had to be put down. She would of been at least 13 so she lived a good life.

    Nugget__ - Baby Rusty - second pet named after my dog, Nugget.

    Seth__ - Floral Lati - a second pet named after my son.

    Shoom - [undecided] Huthiq - Shoom is another cute pet name for my Husband.

    Slinky_ - Calico Poera - Slinky is the name of my pet Snake (Blonde Spotted Python) - hence the Poera.

    Staffordshire - Baby Fasoro - named after my FAVOURITE breed of dog, English Staffy!

    I hope you enjoyed reading my boring meanings of my pets! Don\'t be afraid to comment below and say hello!

    [♥] two thousand and eight

    Posted on : 2nd Sep 2008 15:37   Posted by : Em
    Did you know that this blog is from 2008..

    and It's now 2017.. (well now it's actually 2019.. wth)

    Solid effort on stalking my blogs though! Leave a comment, say hi!

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